👀 Sending THIS Reactive Service Dog Home

Thanks for the feedback on yesterday's video! Since you all liked the vlog style format, here's part two of Cooper's transformation!

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Please watch: "I drove 20 hours to train this Goldendoodle! (vlog)"


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    1. Depends on the reactivity and if the dog can no longer be controlled. Under ADA law if you regain control of your dog you are well within your rights.. but again depends on the reactivity and the severity of it. Reactivity is a spectrum.

    2. The chances are that this dog developed reactivity and DID NOT work during its reactivity phase. It was most likely not reactive at the time of working and later developed dog based reactivity, leading the woman to seek help from a professional.

      I personally have a reactive service dog that is currently in training. She has been pulled from public access until we work through her dog reactivity.

    3. Even perfectly trained service dogs can become reactive if something happens during public access. For example, my SDIT got attacked and now she’s scared of dogs (I am working with her about it, and she is no longer in PA for the time being.)

    4. @Song Sisters yes, this also happened to me! I own a Border Collie SDIT that was attacked by an XL American bully and developed fear based dog reactivity. We’re currently working on it and she’s made progress but we’re pulling her from PA for the time being until she’s comfortable again.

  1. Hi Natalie. Great videos. You make it seem so easy. Do you have the links to more training for the GSD service dog. My shep is 4 years old and he is dog reactive and reflection reactive of himself. Thanks for reading.

    1. I would point you to my online platform for the most in depth and precise information on how to work on those issues:


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