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  1. Dogs didn’t go to elementary school to learn English. I consider communication is like trying to converse like you each speak a different language. Have to see and show your and their intentions

  2. Treat training is surely a sign of failure to some degree to you not think ? I train Gun-dogs ( my own dogs, I don’t claim to be a pro trainer), I’ve never had the need to treat train, in fact it actually makes me angry seeing people trying to just recall the dog by shaking treat bag, one of the most basic things!

    1. Different strokes for different folks. It’s important to find what motivates your dog in specific – for 99% of dogs this will be food, affection, toys

  3. This video just popped up. I literally got my CC a day before you posted this. I wanted to make sure I did right by her and ended up over correcting her. Thought I messed her up. But all of what you said works. Took a while for me to get it and she is so much better. Still a work in progress. The dog/leash reactivity is an issue. It’s random not every dog. If the other dog is calm, she’s calm but if they are lunging, she lunges. This video is very helpful. Thank you.

  4. I just adopted a 2.5 year old Catahoula, he is super excited all the time. He has a lot of mouthing behavior and is incredibly clingy, he has to be touching me. He likes to fetch, but he does not know how to settle back down and keeps trying to get anything I have in my hands biting me in the process. If I try to pet him he starts mouthing me. How can I start training him?

    1. any tme he touches you with his teeth all play needs to stop and you tell him no in a commanding voice then actively disengage, turn your back and ignore him, make sure he understands that you are not interested inhim nipping or touching u with teeth. even if your not playing, just petting or whatever, as soon as he mouths, No then completely ignore and make him understand that he has ruined the interaction. If youre outside or something the first time he mouths the outing is over. head back home and do your own thing

  5. I really love this info but I would suggest putting an end to the comparison between dog training and children. There are many professionals in child development who would disagree with some of the suggestions you’ve made in regards to how children thrive, and as a supporter of children being treated like free autonomous human beings, I found some of your assumptions irksome.

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