8 Fun Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog To Do

Kayl McCann and Hummer the Pitbull/Border Collie cross show you 8 fun tricks that you can teach to your dog. Check out how to teach some of these these tricks in our playlist COOL TRICKS TO TEACH YOUR DOG: https://youtu.be/dkf2WZn1tY4?list=PL7BBgLulhern0GdyQxv6CFsVwPeRCZ0CJ


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21 Comments on “8 Fun Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog To Do”

  1. How cute! So far, for fun tricks, I have taught my Sibe shake, high-five, dance, (Standing on hind legs), and I’m in the process of teaching her bow!

  2. Those are very handy tricks, but everything that my dog likes is to eat and to sleep. That changed a lot since a heard about 505 dog secrets book. It took some free time of mine, but I can really see the progress that my dog achived.

  3. To teach your dog to do the legs trick take a treat and move it trough your legs back and forth that should do it but not all dog will react the same also love the pit bull it is so cute that’s my favorite dog breed 😃

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