Answering dog questions that EVERY owner should hear ๐Ÿ‘‚ (let this play while you do something)

This was recorded during an Instagram LIVE session. Should I start going LIVE on youtube? Let me know in the comments

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27 Comments on “Answering dog questions that EVERY owner should hear ๐Ÿ‘‚ (let this play while you do something)”

  1. I have been following some trainers online recently so I can acquire the max info because I am planning having a puppy and it is still at the stage of project actually .
    I have been listening and watching to some of your videos and I was really impressed by your determined personality and knowledge about dogs but at the same time compared to the other you are sadly underrated.We do have some you try to market something together with but it is not your approach at all .I wish you all the very best and luck in your endeavour and continue to share your love of dogs with us .Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. You only have 3 years experience? You are def a natural and have totally absorbed a great deal of knowledge in a short time. I guess you went to school for training. This is your calling. So great to see people find what they love and are meant to do with their live at such a young age.

  3. Natalie, go with yt definately! You are the very first dog trainer who I fully trust in using ecollar. I can see you are able to begin and develop unique relations with dogs with ecollar. You don’t look like you are going to win or overwhelm them you seem to contact them the way they used to… I am impressed. Sending my warm thoughts from Poland, Natalie!

    1. Natalie is great. You can tell she continues to be open and not stuck in one way to train. FYI. There are lot of amazing trainers teaching and educating others on proper use with the e collar.

  4. Question, just got a puppy GSD, she likes to walk between my legs or very close up on my legs, should I be pulling her away from me when walking? Also, I know dogs play through their mouths but how to maintain puppy biting, nipping, mouthing, she likes to bite at feet as well.

    1. Stephanie, my GSD (now 6 1/2 months) did the same thing. I would allow it but I would intentionally” walk through her” if she got too close…she should respect our space!! A handful or couple weeks of this will show her she needs to move a bit. They are very smart. I also used her space invasion (between legs, tripping me at first, haha) to a command AFTER she understood space properly (around 3 1/2 months or so)…I say “between” and she goes between, I reward once she sits, then release her with “okay”….use any words BUT you must teach your pup YES/NO/COME for starters!! Be excited, train short, shape the behaviors!! Lastly, get her used to a crate as a safe space! Enjoy the land shark/teething……NO comes in good here, move out of range/room…remove potential chewing hazards…any good behavior mark (yes) and reward within a second or so!! Get going on TUG and working her brain with finding her food/toy…start in sight, release her, YES, etc!! I have a police K9, she is non stop…..must have structure/down time which is where crate comes in! Depending on yours drive…..may need some proper tools and firm/fair corrections, like mine…..she walks through martengale/slip lead/chokers….I have a prong on the way and once she hits a year old I will start with e-collar.

  5. We just got our 3 year old Mini American Shepherd and she has a lot of reactivity (I think is what you call it) when we are leash walking and she sees other dogs. Also when seeing dogs on TV. Any suggestions in dealing with that? Would more socializing help?

  6. I think it would be great to do a step by step guide on training a dog from 8 weeks to a year. From the first day you bring a puppy home to everything in between, make it a course.

  7. Can Natalie be my mentor Iโ€™m very Young and want to get into the dog training industry but donโ€™t have any guidance I am slowly learning and doing research I practice on the dogs and getting better Natalie has help me realize that dogs need structure.

  8. Natalie, I am a subscriber but I too was surprised that you have only been doing this for three years. I like some other dog trainers as well, but you seem to have it all. Your presentations and look projects confidence in your dog training and your life. You seem very knowledgeable and professional, giving out very detailed information….but your personality and friendliness keeps things from become dry.

    You are clearly a good trainer and teacher, but do you feel experienced enough to work with dogs that have serious behavioral problems? Such as very aggressive or very fearful dogs. If so, I’d love to see you do some of that. Some online dog trainers consider that a specialty area, so that some do it some do not. Many dog owners or dog lovers find the “before and after” behaviors of difficult dogs both heart warming and motivational. Not that I’d ever want you to be bitten!

    Anyway, I think you are doing great work and I have do doubt that your subscription numbers will grow.

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