Best Dog Crate Comparison and Testing (2018)

For anybody looking to buy a new crate for dogs, I'm doing the best dog crate comparison where I've tested the most popular dog crates out there to see how they fair against each other. Some owners think crate training their dog is cruel and mean, but most experts agree that it's not the case and actually recommend crate training your pet. If you're about to get a new crate for your pet, make sure to watch the video and read the review (link below) first.

You can find the extensive written comparison here:

They feel like they're locking Fido away in a doggy jail. On the contrary, the best dog crate will provide your pet with a safe and comfortable place to rest and stay safe while you're away from home.

"If you watched the review video, you know this is the crate that I use when crate training my dogs. This is a metal wire crate, which is very different than the other two I've compared. I like this style because it's durable, can be used in virtually any situation and is extremely easy to clean."

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