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Video transcript: Every dog that spends any time outdoors requires a house to provide protection from the elements regardless whether it is summer or winter, the weather can have a negative impact on your dog’s health.

Here are some features you should consider in making your choice in which house to by.

Your dog deserves the best. Best for you dog, New Age Pet houses offers four features that animal experts agree that a healthy house should have.

They are well ventilated with a source of cool air to displace hot air.

Easy to clean.

Suspended floor keeps the floor cold and dry and allows cool air easy entry.

Step in design. Especially important for larger dogs who develop skeletal and muscle issues as they age.

New Age Pets equal concept houses offer the best features.

Best for you, New Age Pets concept houses are made of equal flex a unique blend of recycled polymers and wood. A truly green product that means more than just being green.

Being a wood and polymer composite equal flex combines the best characteristics of polymers and wood. It’s all proof, resisting all of the elements including moisture, rot, insects, and splitting.

New Age Pets concept houses are so durable that they can easily out last the typical wood house by two to three times with minimal or no maintenance.

The structure of equal concept houses is very strong, yet they are extremely easy to assemble, no tools required. Each house is pre-assembled to assure a smooth and easy assembly.

These houses look great out of the box and can be customized with latex paint or oil based stains.

Love your pet and provide them a house that will make them love you back.

Eco Concept dog houses by New Age Pet.

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