Collie Dog Breed Temperament and Personality

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Collie Dog Breed Temperament and Personality

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The Collie Dog Type Character

The Collie pet makes an excellent sporting canine, and can be taught to do the work of the Guideline and the Setter, as well as that of the Water Spaniel and the Retriever. He can be trained to carry out the tasks of other types. He is smart at hunting, having an outstanding nose, is a good vermin-killer, and a most faithful watch, guard, and buddy.

Little is understood with certainty of the origin of the Collie, but his shrewd and his external look would appear to indicate a relationship with the wild dog. Buffon was of opinion that he was the real pet of nature, the stock and model of the entire canine types. He thought about the Sheepdog superior in instinct and intelligence to all other types, and that, with a character in which education has comparatively little share, he is the only animal born completely trained for the service of man.

At the shows this type of canine is inevitably at the top of the class. He is thought about the most tractable, and is definitely the most nimble. 2nd to this type in favor is the smooth-coated range, an extremely hard, beneficial pet dog, well adapted for hill work and usually extremely fleet of foot. He is not so sweet in mood as the black and white, and is sluggish to make buddies. There is not a more graceful and physically gorgeous dog to be seen than the program Collie of today period. Produced from the old working type, he is now virtually a distinct type.

In basic character he is a lithe active pet dog, his deep chest revealing lung power, his neck strength, his sloping shoulders and well bent hocks indicating speed, and his expression high intelligence. He needs to be a fair length on the leg, providing him more of a racy than a cloddy look. In a couple of words, a Collie ought to show endurance, activity, and intelligence, with free and true action. In height pets should be 22 ins. to 24 ins. at the shoulders, bitches 20 ins. to 22 ins. The weight for pets is 45 to 65 lbs., bitches 40 to 55 lbs. The smooth collie only varies from the rough in its coat, which need to be hard, dense and rather smooth.

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Collie Pet Dog Temperament
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