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How to teach your dog to listen around other dogs:
How to teach your dog to listen without treats:

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A potentially life saving skill that all dogs need to know is how to come when we call them. Show others how easy it can be to teach this skill by sharing:)

In this video I'll show you,

What you need to do to build a reliable "come".

How to prevent your training sessions from turning into an all out game of chase around the neighborhood.

What to do when they do not listen to your repeated requests to come to you.

How to prepare your dog to listen to "Come" around unexpected distractions.

What to do if your dog only comes halfway to you and then ignores you.

58 Comments on “Come when Called: The FASTEST Way to Teach YOUR DOG to COME WHEN CALLED ANYWHERE!”

  1. The more embarrassed you are, the better the job you’re doing! Damn how true is that. My neighbor’s probably think I’m nuts talking to a dog all day

  2. I feel like this dog already had a good handle of coming when called….I’d love to see a dog with little to no experience learn the come command.

    Still a great video!

  3. I swear sometimes my dog looks at me and really thinks about whether or not he’s going to come and see me.

    And sometimes he would just rather be doing something else.

    1. @Maritza Montano wow I commented this three years ago lmfao! I’d like to think my comment isn’t wrong my wholesome self decided that my comment would enlighten others 😂

    1. Same here, my labpit mix is full of energy and where im living now theres alot of things to distract him so training is gonna be a bit of a challenge XD I have no where without said distractions to start his training lol ugh

    2. I get frustrated too, my German Shepherd is a rescue and was never taught anything and he’s ready one! Sometimes I get really discouraged cuz I think maybe it’s too late to teach but he’s very smart and zack helps me too!

    3. Steam Kitty how did the training go? my husky is really young and the most energetic dog I have ever seen so its really hard training him

    1. Try in the backyard next, then out the front of home, then down your street and back home.. then empty car park on 30 foot lead, getting these areas close to home building them up to a dog park.. it is like Disneyland for dogs so the hardest to listen..

    2. My trainers taught us to make a special sound as a calling rather than there name and give them a jackpot(2-3 treat) of high value treats such as freeze dried chicken or liver. It works like a charm! Now she always comes when called.

    3. I had the same problem too. But since he already knew how to come when called inside the house. I thought of training him the same command once again but I did it outside. And now he is used to it and comes when called inside and outside the house.

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