Crate Training Your Puppy DOESN’T Have To Be Stressful!

Crate training a puppy can be challenging. In this video we will give you 5 ways to help your dog love being inside their crate. A crate is a great place for your dog to be safe and comfortable when you can't be supervising them. It's a great way to make sure your puppy or dog is getting good information. And it's also a good way to make sure they aren't getting themselves into a dangerous situation. It also gives them somewhere to go in a busy household that they can relax. With kids, other dogs or other busy environments, sometimes your dog just needs a place to relax. A crate is a great place to do that. Teaching your dog to love being in their crate is also a really helpful way to potty train your puppy. It can help you stop them from peeing in the house, simply by allowing you to monitor what your puppy is doing all of the time. It really important that the time your puppy spends outside of their crate is quality time, spent with you!

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33 Comments on “Crate Training Your Puppy DOESN’T Have To Be Stressful!”

  1. A crate should be a safe, relaxing place for your dog to be able to rest. It’s also a great way to make sure your dog is safe when they can’t be supervised! Does your dog love their crate as much a Bee-Line the border collie puppy?

    1. Hi, my puppy is a cavapoo, 10 months old, full on energy!! but he wont sleep anywhere else other then in his crate. When i have him out in the house and hes tired and i know hes tired he wont go to sleep or relax until hes in his crate. So i have to put him in for daytime sleeps as well or else he gets overtired and unmanageable. Am i doing the right thing? Any suggestions? Thanks! I love your videos!

    2. My 15 week old goldendoodle will jump on me or something else to get to the treats vs go into the crate. He will do the 1st step but not so much the second.

  2. This method saved my life. I got a chocolate lab puppy 5 days ago. Every time I put her in the crate, she whined and barked non stop. Today, i took a chance when she was tired, and played this small game with her in the crate. She started to sit down IN THE CRATE and wait for a treat. I just put her to bed and she hasn’t made a sound. Thankyou so much!
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  3. Im so lucky that my dog doesn’t poop inside the crate even though is a lot bigger than the one he needs. But I introduced his crate the wrong way 🙁

  4. How do you address the puppy who wants out of the crate at 3:30am but doesn’t have to urinate? She just wakes up and barks like ckick work lol.

  5. Our AussieDoodle was trained to love her crate in about 10 mins. She is now sleeping in her crate only after 15 mins of crying. Thank you McCann Dog for making our first night amazing with our new puppy.

  6. Thanks McCann!! I’m Obi the Rat Terrier and have been at my home for 2 full nights and haven’t had an accident yet thanks to you!

  7. One of the best things I learned about crate training when my Cavalier was a little puppy was that if you can’t have your eyes on your puppy, or they haven’t just gone to the bathroom, they belong in the crate. Finnegan used to go out and potty, then we would play. After a while, I’d put him back in the crate which was right next to my desk. Since I couldn’t watch him right then, I put him in the crate and he was as happy as a clam.

  8. We got lucky with our current pup. We bought the crate, set it in the room, and a few minutes later, the little guy just walked right in and went to sleep without any prompting. In the first two weeks, we never closed the door and the puppy was allowed to choose the crate or other area in the room to sleep (it was about 50/50). We always gave him a treat and praised him when he went into the crate on his own. Now, he uses the crate to sleep at night, we don’t even close the door. We also use it for puppy time-outs when he gets too rowdy and uncontrollable (with the door closed, of course). We never put him in there in an angry manner but in a very positive and praising way (along with a treat). He knows it is a place to chill and relax, so he does so…and is let out after about 10 minutes (or when he wakes up) and is in a very well-behaved and good mood.

  9. We plan to crate train our puppy who we will welcome into our home on Wednesday! She will be 8 weeks on Thursday. I’m having trouble with the concept of having nothing in the crate with them. Obviously for feeding purposes that is fine. But what is the suggestion at night? I had planned on placing a sherpa crate mat (waterproof) overnight along with her Snuggle Puppy. Is this not advised? Also, I was not going to put the crate in my bedroom and keep it where it will be on the main floor. Although I did reconsider (from watching a video) and may put it in the bedroom for 2 nights. What is the best suggestion? Especially for someone who does not want their dog in their bed…for the first couple of years at least! Haha! Thank you for any advice you can provide. I’m loving these videos and finding them ever so helpful!

  10. Do you have a video with what to do if the puppy keeps barking when in the crate after you close the door? Or if they are relaxed and then see you and start barking?

  11. Crate training has been a bit of a challenge for the new puppy. As we found out fairly fast with how the dog is around people, it shows that he was abused. He had never been leash trained and the crate is a challenge at times. Are they more techniques I can do to get him used to being in a crate?

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