Do this ONE THING to ELIMINATE 90% of Behavior Problems

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Teach your dog to "Leave it":

First video with Beaux:

Beaux is BACK!

As a dog trainer, people always ask what the best way to eliminate destructive or other unwanted behaviors. While most people realize that controlling our dog's environment is key, very few people realize that THIS ONE LITTLE THING is the best thing you can do to discourage your dog from being destructive and your dog will be happier too!

What do pulling on a leash, jumping on people, barking for "no reason", and destroying property all have in common? The SAME solution!

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  1. Thank you for saying that. My goal is to reach average people and show them how to achieve exceptional results, not just the dog training hobbyist. Too often, people too caught up in the mechanics and fail to keep the vibe and energy flowing while training. I’d like to think that’s where my strength is as a teacher:)

  2. Thanks Jamie!

    I think it’s wonderful that companies like PetFlow are putting their ad dollars behind positive training. By having sponsors for my videos it only allows me to make better content while keeping my videos free. Thanks for the compliments:) Glad to have you here!

  3. Biggest issue i have is that she believes listening to me is optional. she listen’s most of the time in the house but rarely outside of the house unless i make her stop and there are no distractions. 

    1. My girl didn’t listen to me at all when I first picked her up. 3 months later and it’s still a work in progress but she’s loads better. Training, patience, positive reinforcement. Works a wonder

  4. He wasn’t nervous I understand everything he is doing, he was hesitant cause he was being slow and calm to have the dog think and process what was going on. Good job Zak

  5. Please make a video on how to treat dogs anxiety towards their eating time! Enjoying all your videos so far, they are really helpful!

    Please like so he can see it

    1. i know im late, and i ain’t no dog expert at all, but what makes most sense to me is to expose your dog more to what makes them excited more often, so they think of it as a regular thing. dogs don’t understand the world, they only have the world they’re exposed to which is their owners most likely. their owners are what they think about constantly, unlike us humans who have things to look forward to and other things to think about. therefore, your dog probably gets excited because it’s not exposed to whatever they get excited about. my dog used to have the same problem towards people, bc she never was exposed to much other than me, the owner. but after she got her vaccinations, i let her around more people and dogs, and the peeing completely stopped, and hasn’t peed bc of excitement in months ( shes 10 months )

    2. so, if your dog pees out of excitement towards people, expose her to people more regularly, like family, friends or dog parks. if it’s toys, make sure your dog has lots of toys to play with all the time wherever they are.

  6. It’s not worth commenting on these posts and expecting an answer. This is Zak George’s job and he’s already offering these videos as a favor. Consider sponsoring him on Patreon so you can get answers to your questions and he can be fairly paid for his services!

    1. yes!! exactly. also so many of these questions people ask have already specifically been addressed in his other videos! look through his uploads and playlists everyone, half the time there’s already a solution to your problem

    2. @Strangleland01 Zak is the one that says if there’s something that you don’t like about your dogs behavior, put your comment below…🤔 Maybe he shouldn’t encourage comments.

    3. Well yes, this is the best thing in the comments. But sometimes we can help each other on these questions. You can ask and maybe someone has the same experience and now’s how to fix it…. But you are right….

  7. I love that you don’t emphasize the “wolfiness” of dogs. They don’t have a whole lot of psychology in common with their cousins!

    1. FBE…. dogs are not ‘cousins’ to wolves. They are 2 different species, just like an Australian Dingo is a separate species from the dogs we know (Canis Familiaris). Dogs were developed over tens of thousands of years ago from wolves. That was back before people used fire… see ? Dogs are no more wolf than they are fox.

    2. Actually in regards to species YES, they are cousins, or even more correct they are akin to siblings. Wolves are a sister taxa to Canis familiaris,

    3. Dogs DO have a lot of similarities to wolves. Remember dogs were bred from a particular variation of wolf temperament and we humans accentuated those specific traits. Not to mention genetically a lot of those traits we selected for a genetically linked on the chromosome to OTHER traits they posessed therefore dogs share a lot of overlap with their wolf sister taxa.

  8. Again, Zak to the rescue.  A tired dog is a happy dog.  Breeze can almost walk perfectly right after 20 min of chasing the ball.  I am so glad to give her the chance to walk correctly, she learns best from her success.  Good Dog!

    1. fairytalethings mine does too if we have him in the kennel he chews the stuffing out of his bed and broke the kennel. So if we get him a stronger kennel he wont be able to have a bed in there. We dont leave him completely alone very often but sometimes when we have to I worry so much about him…

  9. We are trying to teach out 9 month old Border Collie to stay on our property. Since we had him neutered, it feels like we are back at square one with training basics.

  10. 4:16
    “My job is not to train your dogs, my job is teach people like you how to teach your dogs.”

    I would like to show this to my neighbour because they train their dog like a dog that isin’t being trained.

    1. Oh yeah, those people who bring their dog home and say sit, paw, jump, etc. and are wondering why their dog is not responding because they have not taught them anything. SMH, some people are just lazy, dogs are smart, but won’t understand words without a meaning to them. Honestly, these dogs that have crazy high potential end up in shelters because of these arrogant owners.

  11. Recall Zak mentioning that a high energy dog takes more time, and suggested carefully looking at the breed, temperament before adopting! Best advice ever was to ask the breeder how energetic the pup is, if it is bouncing off the walls at there , then it will do the same when you take it home. Thanks Zak, we got lower energy calm mellow, quiet, smart fun, pup

  12. “We try to let them out and play but they just stand at the door”
    So… one problem could be that you are inside yourself and not playing with them outside which is essential in raising an animal like that but thats just me.

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