Do you have a REACTIVE DOG and you don’t know where to start?! #dogtrainer #dogtraining #reactivedog

How to Stop Dog Reactivity: The Ultimate Guide! WATCH HERE:

If you're struggling with your reactive dog, you're not alone! In this video, dog trainer Zak George shares proven strategies and tips to help your reactive dog overcome their challenges. As a professional dog trainer with years of experience, Zak believes in using modern, humane, and effective training techniques to build a strong bond with your dog, helping them to become more confident and well-behaved.

In this video, you'll learn:

– What a reactive dog is and the common causes of reactivity
– The importance of patience, consistency, and understanding when dealing with a reactive dog
– How to identify the root causes of your dog's reactivity and develop a tailored training plan
– Gradual exposure techniques to help your dog become more comfortable in challenging situations
– The role of desensitization, counter-conditioning, and applied animal behavior experts in addressing reactivity
– How to monitor your dog's body language, manage their environment, and provide mental and physical stimulation for overall well-being

Join Zak George on this journey to help your reactive dog overcome their challenges, improve their behavior, and live a happier life. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more videos filled with expert advice and guidance on dog training and behavior.

Do you have a reactive dog? Here’s a NEW video that will give you lots of ideas for where to start or how to make better progress with your training:

6 Comments on “Do you have a REACTIVE DOG and you don’t know where to start?! #dogtrainer #dogtraining #reactivedog”

  1. how can i know the difference between having anxiety around other dogs or just being super excited and wants to play??? (many times my dog is just super excited and wants to play with the other dogs but then the other dogs get scared because they don’t understand why my dog is barking) but is that just anxiety or wanting to play??

    1. Anxiety is fear based and excitement is… well excitement based lol. If your dog is jumping around, wanting to play with others, this is not anxiety. However, they can still be reactive. It’s just an over-excited reactivity and not fearful reactivity. I recommend also looking up dog body behaviours and understanding those. To train your dog out of reactivity, you would use the same methods mentioned in this video. Watch your dog, what are its triggers, at what distance, what does your dog want, etc. Then look up desensitization training and redirection.

  2. Hi Zak and Bree. I have a 18 months old border collie who is extremely happy go lucky and is always nice to other dogs. However, once they act aggressively or territorial and start barking, my dog will flip a switch and go into killing mode for that dog, thinking it can take it on. It doesn’t flinch for any dog, no matter the size. It seems to copy the other dog’s behavior, even though he’s a front of the pack dog himself. So when another dog barks or growls, he does too. I’m not sure how to get rid of this behavior.

  3. I need this. My dog had a lot of “bad” experiences with big off leash dogs when she was a puppy (never was hurt but having a huge dog run at you when you’re so tiny must be scary). Currently working on getting her more comfortable with dogs her size and bigger as I would like to get another dog in about a year or so.

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