Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this? [Reality Dog Training EP 9]

Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this?! Reality Dog Training isn’t always easy. But George the pit bull is awesome even when he’s challenging!
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60 Comments on “Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this? [Reality Dog Training EP 9]”

  1. Early! This is a great example for people to wake up and realize their dogs need trained. You can’t just get a dog and except it to have great manners.

    1. wait that’s funny i’ve seen you in another comment section on a totally different channel 💀 funny because the video was zak and that border collie

    2. @Pranshi Rajwas that in a rude way? i’m saying it’s funny i’m seeing them again. i’ve seen them on a totally different channel about zack training a dog and they replied to my comment n

    3. @suri wait… So you assumed it in a rude way? Dude, I’ve never been rude to anyone in my life, let alone the internet. My little brain was having trouble to understand what was funny in the reply that you wrote .. Just that 😂 Also, I’m not even interested in starting any argument here.. So let’s drop this and be friends 👍

  2. Impulse control was one of the two most difficult things to train my dog. THANK you for these videos! Since I adopted my puppy back 3 years ago, I have been using your videos throughout all of my training!
    Now, she is a good k9 citizen certified, and we are still adding new tricks and commands to her bag!!
    Thank you for your videos!!!

  3. My malamute almost pulled my arm out chasing a squirrel. This was the first month we got him. Now he lets small critters go when we say leave it. Some days it’s 10 steps back and you learn to climb back 1 step at a time again. But the time you spend with your dog is so rewarding in itself… every day is a new challenge…never a dull moment 😁

    1. Needed to hear that affirmation. Mid 30s disabled w MS n just got a 16 week old aussiedoodle after my labradoodle bestie passed recently. Always had adult to senior dogs so puppy energy has been completely new challenges! I’m home 24/7 so training around the SC heat as a ginger has been a dedicated effort lmao. Feeling lucky n less overwhelmed the more I dive into investing on obedience training with tweaks I make up in order to compensate for fall safety nlw “leave it”.

  4. There’s an English dog trainer who would call George’s ball his Kryptonite! He believes in starting all training by discovering the dog’s Kryptonite.
    I love the way Zak reads the dog!

    1. Easiest way to train ANY dog is to find the thing they’re most willing to work for!!! For me personally, Pitbulls have been the absolute easiest dogs for me to figure out and motivate. These dogs just live to please their owner’s/handlers/trainer’s. A good toy and some good food & you’ve got a dog that’ll do anything you ask!

  5. Would you ever consider making a series about how to train Livestock dogs…. i can’t seem to find any good series about training livestock dogs….like a in depth series…..BTW I’m loving your videos

    1. Check into Hanging Tree Cowdogs channel and that have a book and blog too. Also Beloka Kelpies has some videos on YT and I also look at Sheepdog channels too.

    2. I’m having trouble finding training modification for someone like me that’s disabled n need assistive devices to not scare n to get underfoot

  6. Zack “I’m a man”’ lmao! 😂 You 2 have gotten to that stage in a relationship when making a josh at one another is expected and even encouraged to break up the work monotony. 😂
    Yes Zak George we knew you were a man. 😂

    1. @ztigris nah, it’s totally fine! HUGE difference between getting in YOUR OWN DOG’S face and a strange dog lol. I get in my pits faces all the time.. take away bones, treats, mess with them while they’re eating all the time just to keep them used to it.. But, I’ve got quite a few pits and also have little kids running around everywhere. So I make sure every dog is 100000% stable/sound tempered and non aggressive over food/toy’s/treats

    2. Why it’s so important to start the training day 1….they grow so fast. It takes strength to handle and train when puppies. 70 lbs of muscle.

    1. George is a smart boy n GZ is pretty terrific at training. Every dog is an individual, he saw George’s potential and helped George to get there.

    1. @BlueCaroline he really is. He’s just strong. It shows how imperative it is to teach puppies while young. One exuberant jump, handler is in their buttocks! He’s a really goood boy… he’s smarter than zak’a other pups. ❤️

  7. Idk what to say…. The effort you’re putting into every episode is mind blowing. Not to mention about how you’re also helping hundreds of dog owners to train their dogs!

    1. I have a pitbull cross, dunno what with, and I see so much of Sputnik, in George. Super smart. Strong willed, Sput can he a bit intense at times, just wants to check something out, usually. And they have to be a ‘dog’, sniff and look around. And yeah, like you, I’m cheering for George. Dogs are such wonderful creatures, mans best friend, sums it up perfectly.

    2. @BlueCaroline Zak said he thinks he’s a year and a bit. He’s a beautiful boy. Someone is in for the dog of a lifetime. If I was in America, he’d be coming to my place, for ever. But I’m in Australia, and already have a pitbull. Sputnik the Wonder Dog.

    3. @shane baker I’m in America… he’s too far away. I’m in California. Zak is in New Orleans. He’s worth over a $$million. He’s raking it in with George!

  8. I love George! Pit bull type dogs are so special, they have a way of just stealing your heart. It’s hard to understand until you’ve owned or worked with one

    1. …it’s our responsibility to train our beautiful pitties. They are too powerful to be left untrained, as George was in the beginning. He’s showing George’s loving nature, his physical strength and his trainability. There isn’t a better advocate for pit breeds as pets than what GZ is doing with George. Love this❤️

  9. I liked that you cut from the “let go” issue during the initial parts (which I noticed you were doing and said to myself, ‘that probably didn’t go well and he didn’t want to show it’), but then you went back to it and talked about it when in the car. That’s the kind of detail that makes this series pop, well done.

  10. Zak: “I want his focus on me and not the birds.”
    Also Zak 2 minutes later: “Oh look at that fun bird! What is that?!… Look at these cool birds!”

    1. @S. V. not stupid at all! But can definitely be vicious if they feel threatened lol my little jack russell tries to mess with my geese & ducks all the time😂 he hasn’t learned yet 🤦my pitbulls even know better than to try messing with the geese lol

    2. @Mike Frost where or when did I use the word stupid? I laughed one comment and the other is my dog would own that hoverboard.
      What are you talking about?

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