Dog House Kennel & Shower Bath In One

A dog lover, plumber and inventor, Irishman, John Burke came up with the idea for the DoggyShouse when he was washing his dog. Due to always struggling to get the family dog "Tonto" into the shower in the house to wash him, John always ended up being soaked, always ending up with a dirty shower and then cleaning up the bathroom after Tonto's shower, which was quite a job, only to proceed to Tonto's dog house kennel, which was also damp and dirty. Attempting to clean the kennel to give in a hygienic surface was next to impossible. Needless to say, John was completely exhausted at the end of these two tasks.

A plumber by trade, John Burke designed and developed and patented the world's first warm, hygienic kennel with a built in shower.

The DoggyShouse is a raised hygienic dog house kennel with a built in step ramp and shower that requires no plumbing. The warm water that you put in, is re-circulated through a filter and pumped at a rate of 5 gallons (20 liters) per minute through the shower hose that is used to wash your dog. Two buckets will wash any dog – one 5 gallon (20 liter) bucket to wash and one 5 gallon (5 liter) bucket to rinse. In a 10 minute wash cycle you will have used almost 53 gallons (200 liters) of warm water to presoak, wash and rinse your dog. By being raised, you save your back from bending so far down.

The DoggyShouse can be used to wash small and large dogs even as large as the Saint Bernard and the Irish wolfhound. It is an extremely practical, easy to use and stress free way to wash your Dog.

The main advantage of the DoggyShouse is being able to wash your Dog in familiar surroundings with warm water and at the same time, you are cleaning the dog house giving your pet a hygienic surface, meaning when you're finished washing your dog, you have a clean dog, clean kennel and most of all, no mess or dog hair in your home.

Your dog will thank you for his warm shower and clean home and you will be thankful for not having a load of laundry to wash, bathroom to clean and an aching back!

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