Dog Socialization is Different Than You Think

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33 Comments on “Dog Socialization is Different Than You Think”

  1. Super helpful! I have a question, how do I get my chihuahua to not bark at everything she hears. Yumi has such a hard time responding to anything while distracted. Not even treats get her to look at me. What should I do?

    1. I would recommend starting this series from the beginning. We have thoroughly addressed this issue. Much better to show you realistically than to tell you in a YouTube comment! It’s all normal! Hang in there!❤

  2. This episode is 🔥! Dying to hear your feedback on this one, as we continue to make subtle changes to our format and the series!

    1. I liked the episode. Seeing handling in situations with wildlife is very interesting, and I liked that the advertisement was at the end usually i just skip it to get to the “interesting” stuff 😄
      Although I was a bit disappointed, not by the contents, but what the title and title picture suggested. I was really looking forward to learn something about how the two dogs interact (trainings wise), to what behaviour special attention should be paid and such. Like Allelomimetic behaviour and such things. I still would like such an episode: What has to be considered when getting a puppy to an older Dog. I got an puppy to my older one after my first dog died (they both where adolescent rescue dogs when i got them, years apart). There where sooo many things I didn’t consider even I had two dogs before and tried to read and talk (with trainers) about getting a puppy as second dog.

  3. Hi Zak! I love your videos and IG posts/stories :). Thank you for what you are doing! 🙂 And – I apologize if you’ve been asked this question 8394 times. I really tried to search for the answer, but couldn’t find what kind of leashes you are using. Is it somewhere to be found, or could you please publish that info? 🙂 I believe more people would be interested.

  4. Hi, Zak, Bree, Inertia, and Veronica! I love watching your adventures unfold in this series! It does make me nervous that we haven’t done enough with our dog in terms of socialization though. He’ll be 2 in December. Is it ever “too late” to socialize a dog? I guess it’s also relevant to say that we live in a small town and don’t travel much so it’s highly unlikely we’ll run into acid pools! 😂 Can you share why it is helpful for Inertia and Veronica to be exposed to bears in this way? If they know the scent and what a bear looks like, will that aid in keeping them safe? And what can those of us who aren’t on wild and crazy adventures do to socialize our dogs? Thanks for all you do! 💜

    1. I’m sure you’ve done well. We are definitely laying on the socialization pretty thick in the series. The purpose of showing our dogs various wildlife sights,smells, or sounds is to initially make them aware of the existence of different things. Once they understand those things exist, we can then begin to show them how to conduct themselves around those things.

    2. When I was out camping we once had a bear cross a road about 200 feet from my group. My dog was off leash and she barked once but didn’t move. The bear turned its head in our direction while I slowly grabbed my dog’s collar. The bear saw all these people and a dog and decided to move on, but I was so thankful that my dog didn’t charge the bear or aggravate it in any way. I think if you aren’t in bear county you probably don’t have to worry about bears much, but what about coyotes, deer, porcupine, skunks? I think it’d be worth researching what animals are in your area and how they can be a danger to your dog and thinking through how to prevent your dog from being reactive or predatory towards those animals. Just my two cents as a seasoned dog owner but not a dog trainer.

  5. Wildlife is beautiful but often scary to me! I don’t have a dog yet, but I am hoping to get one in about a year or so. I have watched Inertia’s series twice now and am enjoying this series and Veronica too. I plan to watch both again before actually getting a dog. I’m learning lots! Speaking of wildlife, I have a 21 year old cat, and he came flying like a kitten into my bedroom the other day and made me follow him to our back porch door. There was a skunk on our porch! He was so excited to see it, and I was happy he thought to come get me, but mostly I was just glad the skunk was on the other side of the door (and ran off soon afterwards). It was pretty though! 😂

  6. Very exciting landscape ! 😍
    Great job of Inertia , she was perfect with the Deers or Elks . 🤩👍
    It was so cute , when Inertia put her paw on Veronica . 🤗 I personally think Veronica might be tough to train “be quiet” , I would like so much to know how , so I can do the same with my now 2 years old girl . 😄

  7. I really needed this video! My sweet 5mo GSD/Aussie has had troubleeeting and playing with other dogs because he broke his leg at 9 weeks and couldn’t socialize much, so he thinks every dog wants to rough house

  8. Workings hard on socializing my pup. She was spooked by horses last spring in CO. At home went to county fairs and spooked at the animal barns. With deer here in the campsite she is getting better sitting quietly. Thxs for the videos.

  9. Honestly I started following for the incredibly valuable dog training guidance but now I’m just enjoying following Zak and Bree and the dogs as they travel the beautiful sights, it’s such a delightful convergence of useful and aesthetic

  10. I absolutely LOVE this video!! Editing was amazing and it’s great to have an insight into your everyday socialization with the dogs. Plus, I love the focus on the nature around you! It’s pretty amazing how even just being aware of different kinds of life forms helps us all – dogs and humans alike! – to rationalize our own place in the universe. One tiny tiny thing and please don’t read further if you are not actively looking for bits of feedback like this because I love you guys and love the direction you’re going in in this video, but there was one point around 5:45ish that Veronica was barking loud and you were saying something important at the same time it was a little distressing and hard to concentrate – had to rewatch a few times.

  11. Is there a way to socialise my dog more so he stops humping other dogs? He’s not aggressive and he’s fine with people but it seems like a nervous or playful habit and I’m finding it difficult to discourage and manage

  12. You guys seriously have a sense of adventure, haha. You got some amazing nature shots. I loved that you brought up how socialization isn’t just restricted to other dogs and people, but also to things like walking on a log. Inertia is doing amazing, she’s come so far.

  13. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Love your training. I also super appreciate you talking about the barking. I am working on that with my new rescue & it’s good not to feel alone😅

  14. I love this episode… both entertaining and informative. Actually, just today we picked up a rescue dog from a local organizion,, so renewing my knowledge and use of your training methods has just become more relevant.

  15. If you were in Yellowstone area, sure seemed like it, one bark and an elk could be after you. Particularly in Mammoth, where the elk are constantly agitated. I love the scenery as you travel but it would be more relevant and fun to hear about where you are and what you are looking at, as well as the fun adventures will the dogs, even if it’s brief. Love your shows

  16. The #1 reason bear encounters go wrong is a pet dog’s reaction to the bear which causes an unnecessary confrontation. Keeping a dog calm during wild animal encounters is critical. Statistics suggest many pet owners don’t think about this until it’s too late.

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