E-collar Dog Walking Techniques (that you NEED to know)…

In this video, I demonstrate how to overlay the e-collar into your loose-leash walk and discuss the benefits of doing so!

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26 Comments on “E-collar Dog Walking Techniques (that you NEED to know)…”

    1. You should wait. In Germany ecollars are forbidden, by law. Using those on a puppy (under 12 month!) is seen as animal abuse and there is a high fine for doing that.
      Alot of european countries have banned ecollars, too. Even those, that dont shock, but just make a sound, or spray water are forbidden.
      The idea of leading a dog by remote is very american.. 😉

  1. Hey Natalie! Love these videos! I have a 10 year old doggo who is just WILD! Lots of bad habits that I take full responsibility for of course. Is it harder to train older dogs?

  2. You do a wonderful job but I recommend breaking instruction down to layman’s terms. Once you develop that the client/viewers will understand completely what you are saying. Your lingo is more as if you are instructing OTHER dog professionals.

    1. How has it worked out? I was very worried with this dog because the shaking of the head is too hot and should be dialed down. How does your dog respond and have you dialed down as he has become more responsive to understanding that E collars are essentially wireless leashes?

  3. Him shaking his head like that looks like there’s too much shock vibration or whatever is being used. It supposed to be more subtle. But I didn’t see his previous video, maybe he didn’t respond as well. As dogs learn, do you dial down the e-collar?

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