In this video I address common misconceptions and assumptions about e-collars while educating a client who was adopting a foster.


    1. @amber valentine I do own an e-collar and when I tested it on my hand (with each pins on different fingers), it started feeling uncomfortable at level 25. At level 30, it starts to hurt. My collar is not from E-collar technologies so maybe this is the issue. Maybe it is because I tested it on my hand and I should try on my neck. I just think that whether it hurts or not clearly depends on the brand, the model and the location you are trying it.

    2. @Kingdom K9 Training Academy, ABC facts, that said i work with one mali who will blow through 100 no problem if you dont catch his body language before he switches on. Numbers are irrelevant anyways i just dial up from 0 until i get the desired reaction from the dog. People do all their e collar training on low levels and then wonder why their dog flips out and has a bad reaction when they have to dial up. You should b able to accidentally stim a dog on 100 and cause 0 fallout behaviours other than the initial sensation with the dog. If you cant then its not been layered in properly

    3. @D F I’m not understanding what your argument is. I definitely believe that there are bad trainers who use it at high levels. That’s no the proper way to use it though. Is your argument that they should never be used because someone might misuse it?

    4. @Ivy Rose thankyou for asking. Sure many good trainers use them. They most always say they only use at 5 or 10 or some low level, but so many owners and trainers just hear ecollar and use at all levels. I have personally seen and read adout dogs getting blasted at high levels. I’m sure you have seen that too. So, i don’t know how you would discourage people who shouldn’t use these so called tools. I asked one trainer who probably properly used ecollar…… “does that mean all training with ecollar is ignored when ecollar is removed ?”. Thats enough babbling from me !

    1. 2 questions please, how do you keep a collar up high without collar being too tight? Mine just slides back down. Also how can I get an E collar for $100. The cheapest I’ve seen is $275

    1. Depends on your dog and what they already know. If your puppy already has relatively solid obedience; come, heel, sit, down, and you are proficient with or can work with a trainer that is proficient with the tool then you can start as early as 5 months, though I would recommend waiting until 6 months.

  1. So you’re using the e-collar as an straight up correction paired with “no”. I’ve seen other trainers use e-collar as a layering tool, so the dog knows they need to pay attention to you. Larry Krohn is such an example.

    Can you talk about the difference a little bit?

    1. I think you might have misunderstood. From watching the video she states many times that the stimulation from the e-collar is to get the attention of the dog. At 5:25 she specifically says that she clicks the button and issues a no command. I think this is where you are reading into it. Since she is using the e-collar anytime she needs to get the dogs attention consistently and not just on no commands then there is not a, “no association” with the stimulation. It is the same thing as teaching your dog to, “look” and then saying, “look”, “no”.
      That would be pretty confusing to a dog in a highly stimulating environment so I feel like the e-collar solution cuts out that stacking of verbal commands to get the dogs attention.

  2. I have a 5 year old border collie who we rescued a few months ago from a shelter she has extremely strong herding instinct and if there is a ball or a moving/running dog she will not listen and not come back, when we get close to her she will run away and we can’t catch her. Right now we have a 50 meter leash so we can hold her and have control at all time, we have been using this for a few months now and it’s worked really well, the only problem with this is that she has started running strangely in her back legs because the leash is in the way and that not good for her body the 50 meter leash is also quite heavy on her collar/neck and she has to run with it. I’m wondering if a e collar will help in her situation as she is VERY STUBBORN AND WILL NOT LISTEN if she is in herding mode. We have done a lot of recall training and does really well with a lot of people and cars but no matter what we try if she gets bored of us or sees a moving ball or dog she will not listen.

    Please reply because having her fully off leash training is my dream and I’m hoping the e collar will achieve that but I’m still not sure if the e collar would work. Thank you.

    1. I’d recommend joining my online platform for a detailed process (with videos) on introducing the e-collar the right way. You can start a free trial here:


    2. I would 100% recommend e-collar and going to a local reputable trainer that can teach you how to use it for your unique dog. I started using it w/ the help of a trainer on my 1 year old Aussie who was extremely dog reactive, and now I can take him off leash on hikes, to the park, etc. Never thought it would be possible and it wasn’t without the e-collar

    3. So, how is your dog today?
      Did you know, that ecollars are forbidden by law, in most of Europe? Its not about pain. Even those ecollars are forbidden, that just make a sound.
      First of all: If your dog is in “herding mode” it is a natural behaviour. Using an ecollar at that point will cause the dog to make unusal movements, that are against its very nature. (maybe just very little ones) However, that is called animal abuse, here in Europe.
      Using a whiste wont cause those unnatural movements.
      Apart from that, ecollars put stress onto a dog, in the very moment you are using it. And stress is never a good way to train a dog. Most biting incidents here in Germany are caused by stress, or at least it is a factor.
      Try to find a real dog trainer, who has studied the subject. Here in Germany, you have to study for 2-3 years at an university, before you are a licenced dog trainer. In the USA, just anybody may call himself a dog trainer. So, you should pick very carefully.
      Sorry for my bad english.
      Dog club: DSH 1908 Jena, basic obidience test with random german citizens

  3. Mini educator $98 people don’t fall for that I don’t know where she got that from but everywhere I look they’re almost $200 mini educator drunk on the high in somebody’s show me a website where I can get one for $98

    1. She probably gets a discount by going through someone who works or distrubutes for Mini Educator.

      My trainer got my Micro for a great price when it’s also around $200 but I paid 100… OR so gives her clients a discount on them when they to through training with her since she goes through a distributor 🙂

    2. I just bought mine for $175 on Amazon, I found all of them around that price and high. I wish it was $98 but I’m sure she works through the brand and gets a deal. I could be wrong as well

  4. Interesting discussions here. Pros and cons.
    I use my e collar on vibrate only. My dogs don’t respond to stim until it’s high enough to make them uncomfortable. Tone mode seems to hard for them to understand or to get used to.
    I have working line GSD’s, high drive and certainly not fragile. The vibrate mode is only to get their attention and they learn fast enough that a command will follow.
    The only corrections my dogs need is a stern “no” which all my dogs have known. That solid “no” can keep them out of trouble, allows for more off leash freedom and can be a life saver.
    So I’m in the pro e collar camp as long as it’s not used for correction or punishment.

    1. The vibrate mode can actually be way more aversive for dogs than high stim levels. So for some dogs, vibrate mode would actually be a correction. It’s easy to say that you’re against ecollars correction & punishment when a stern “No” is enough for your dog, but sadly it is not the case for every dog

    2. @psalm104 don’t blame the dog for trainer fails.
      George Attla (you can Google him) said that the dog never makes a mistake, He is only a dog and just does what he has been trained to do.

    3. @Robert Silvers highly subjective. Could be a correction. All depends on each instance, in my method.
      Like physical punishment is out but physical correction is in. I’m very hands on in the 1st part of a dogs training but only shaping and guiding.
      So a stern no is not punishment in my world.

  5. Hi, it isn’t clear to me which button you are pressing in this video. Are you actually giving stimulation? It seems you are, Just want to be positive.

    1. Lol. I am one to actually have been terrified of testing this on myself before even attempting on myself. It’s a slight discomfort. It’s not painful. Sad thing here is your ignorance. I bet your fine with your dog giving you walks every day

  6. I noticed alot of videos showing how to stop a dog from barking using the e collar, I myself would not use it for that situation, I want my dogs to bark to alert me of any danger

    1. @Bebe Johnson or drive you up the wall i don’t rely on my bully. Hes an eating, sleeping, and pooping machine. He doesn’t know he’s a guard dog. Beware of the owner.

  7. I see what you mean about women voice don’t change like men. I am about to my my Siberian husky in the mini educator based on a video I watched you did yesterday. I have a new rescue or three weeks and he is a good boy but needs to learn manners.

  8. I just bought one for one of my huskies who is a problem puller, havent tried it yet i wanted to research how and qhen to properly use it

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