EPISODE 1: My First 24 HOURS with the WILDEST, UNTRAINED DOG I’ve Ever Lived With

My first 24 hours with the biggest totally untrained dog I’ve ever lived with: Reality Dog Training. Thank you Playology and Pupford for sponsoring this important episode!

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31 Comments on “EPISODE 1: My First 24 HOURS with the WILDEST, UNTRAINED DOG I’ve Ever Lived With”

  1. This is gonna be a great series – I don’t have a dog and won’t have one any time soon, but rest assured I’ll be here for it!

    Also, I feel like I say this every single series but your trailers/intros to these are so good, awesome job on that!

  2. I’m so glad to see you training these challenge dogs.

    I’d love to see a future series with a small dog with big dog fear. This is the one thing I haven’t been able to find and I’ve been working so hard with my pup. Your videos are so amazing!

  3. You can definitely tell how much efforts are put is this video. Quality and intro is lit🔥🔥🔥🔥😍. really amazed we are getting this content for free.

  4. Is there one with the tiniest untrained dog? My little dog is annoying and agressive meanwhile my pit is well trained, lovable, cuddly and interacts with all humans and dogs.

    1. My little girl is the same. That’s her only flaw. She’s friendly but demanding as well. It’s like she sees a dog and she demands for playtime even when the other dog doesn’t want to and makes her look like she’s aggressive but she’s not. It’s annoying. She was easy to train on everything else but that.

    2. We followed al of Zak’s training videos for our tiny 5lb Yorkie and it works the same just like for a big dog. It’s all about positive training and consistency.

  5. My dog loves Playology? Probably spelt it wrong. He loves the chewy toy that helps clean his teeth. They come in different scents like peanut butter and he currently has pork sausage one.

  6. I just bought a playology toy. Have an 8yr old female pit mix who isnt a big toy player (still cant believe it after previous pit mix). I’m curious to see if she acts differently than the rest of her stuffed animal collection.

  7. I’d love to see you train a truly dog aggressive or human aggressive dog. The most challenging cases. I know maybe it wouldn’t be safe since you have inertia but I’d love to see it!

  8. When i was teaching dog classes in Alaska many years ago, i said i was a dog tamer. So many of the dogs had socialization issues. I even started a close just focused on socialization. Biggest challenge was a 120 lb McKenzie River Husky that came to class on a chain with an emotional 12 year old boy who said the dog lived outdoors all the time. Alaska is a great place for dogs just difficult to have a good start. This is going to be a great series!!

  9. I`m looking forward to the resource guarding issue! My dog has the same problem but its just with other dogs, with me or any other person he dosen`t do anything, so it makes the behavior extra hard to train, specially when we go to dog parks

  10. I love the fact that even for you, a personal trainer, you can see potentially bumpy roads along the ways 😁.
    It shows us that even the best can make mistakes and have set backs.
    I followed your Moira serie closely as we have a GSD who is reactive towards dogs on leash but I am really looking forward to follow this serie as well 😍

    Sometimes I just wish I was not living in Europe in order to get the toys, treats and food you promoted easily 😔.

    Go Zac, go Bree 🥇 and I really hope that Inertia and Chop will manage to be friends soon 😉

    1. Absolutely!! I was so bummed the video had to end. The built up suspense from the teaser, I didn’t realize i’d have to wait for my wuestions to be answered!!

  11. I’m also currently working my way through your series of training Inertia, and I have to say that she grew up to be SO lovely!! And I adore that she knows to go to you when she’s uncomfortable. Chop is handsome as well, but I’m going to be biting my nails every time those two play together…

  12. Everyone makes mistakes, I certainly have and continue to, but if I was in your situation, as soon as I saw Inertia’s cowering and nervous behavior I would have stepped back and gone back to greetings through the fence or just taken a break. Maybe I would have kept it going if her anxiety signs were not as strong (just looking away or lip licking, but she was about mid-way on the nervous energy scale IMO: tail tucked, major cowering, quickly scrabbling away, looking to human for comfort, peeing a lot, tucking her rear, stiff body language, whale eyes). You definitely know your own dog best though, as I would have not guessed that she was trying to initiate play here 19:18, I thought it was just pure anxiety.

  13. “The first few days, what you see isn’t necessarily what you get.” In my field we call that the “honeymoon period”. Can’t wait to see where this series goes!

    1. In adoption and rescue…heck, even just buying a dog from a breeder, my experience has been you don’t really get to know the true dog until they have been with you for about 6 weeks. They can be super sweet and/or calm. I feel like they always turn out to be handfuls. Or hyper and a little insane. But in my experience, it takes about 6 weeks to know what kind of dog you have.

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