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Please Like and Share. Sincerely, I cannot express how important it is for dogs to know fetch if they have a lot of energy. If you are struggling with fetch or don’t know where to get started or just want a refresher, watch this episode.

I’ll cover the most common problems I hear about with teaching fetch including what to do if your dog chases it but won’t bring it back, won’t let go, gets bored quickly, or plays inside, but not outside and more!

Lafitte has been doing some property damage to the walls, so Michael and Dianna asked for some help. Did you know that a well played game of fetch on a regular basis will dramatically reduce or stop virtually all excessive unwanted behaviors like chewing, scratching, digging, jumping, leash pulling and more?
Plus active dogs generally live a longer, happier life if they routinely and vigorously exercise.

My experience tells me that a lot of people stop too soon when it comes to teaching fetch. In fact, most people are about 3 training sessions away from having a dog that understands the basic rules of fetch, with the proper guidance of course ;).

57 Comments on “Everything YOU NEED to KNOW to TEACH your DOG a PERFECT FETCH!”

  1. I got lucky with my dog, he knew how to fetch when I got him, the only part I had to work on was teaching a let go, but that was super easy. 
    In fact, whenever people ask me why I picked him, I just say that it was “love at first fetch”. I really wanted a playful, friendly, outgoing dog, and when I was volunteering at the animal shelter I took him out for some exercise and discovered his love of balls. I fell for him the moment he chased the first ball… 🙂
    In his personal opinion, tennis balls should be renamed to “yellow, fuzzy orbs of happiness”

  2. Baco’s fetch gets better everyday and this is absolutely true, he behaves much better now. Thanks for these videos!! I want to take it to the next level and I’m starting to work with the frisbee… He loves it!! His new think these days is eating some christmas tree ornaments though!!

    1. Hi Zak, I really enjoyed all your videos! I have some unique problems with my dog, first of all, he doesn’t ever want to play and rarely chew. Have you ever encountered something like this? I want to exercise and play, but he doesn’t respond to toys or anything ..

  3. Any suggestions for a dog who has played fetch just fine until we visited the dog park where others like to throw the ball for him and have him return it because in most cases their dog is not interested in fetch. Well now my dog returns the ball to anyone he wants instead of the person throwing the ball including me.

    1. Click and reward when he comes to you. He’ll soon realise no one else rewards him. Have a clicker attached to you and always treats in your pocket.

  4. I had a 6 month old GSD/Aussie mix, she would fake me. She started running back to me then the last second she quickly turned. >.>

    1. Haha my Pittie girl did that too. She’d go get it and always run back, but then turn and run again or lay down and chew lol. Never could get it back unless I tricked her. Silly girl

  5. Zak – thanks for this. We were lucky to get a puppy who learned how to fetch very easily. However, the dropping it and not trying to bite us when we pick it back up has been challenging. We will try to do the intro part as a step backward to see if it will help. Additionally, while playing fetch, Shelby sometimes gets aggressive… barking and nipping – almost like a puppy temper tantrum. If you try to “ignore” him, or “be the tree”, he doesn’t stop – he will try nipping at your crotch and/or biting clothes. It seems as though fetch inspires this behavior in him. Any suggestions (or other video) on how to prevent that? We want to play with him, but he’s getting so big that it is becoming intimidating. He looks almost identical to the pup in the video (Shepherd / Lab mix?) and has the same energy level. He’s almost 9 months old.

  6. I just got my first puppy ever- Almost thirty years old here, and been a cat person my entire life. Cats are easy- mine were at least. You just set them down and show them their litter location, and place of food, and walk away. Clean up is easy. I did not know what to expect with this puppy, and he’s fortunately awesomely tempermented… The first 24 hours we didn’t have toys or anything for him and when he peed in the house for the hundredth time, I yelled at him outside (Just the word “NO!” very loud and angrily), and he got scared to come back in with me. It broke my heart completely- I stayed up the next night and found your videos, and immediately convinced my girlfriend to run out and get some things you’ve shown me puppies need immediately. He now has a very large crate for his size (He won’t get very big ) in which he got into immediately and loved following your advice… plenty of toys with different textures (because he is quite bitey)- this has helped and I’m following you’re “show him what I like” and “give him something else to bite” methods in alternative sessions. I am now only three days into this- I’ve been teaching my already dog-knowledgable girlfriend about what she’s doing wrong (politely- don’t want to be killed)… and being someone with no kids at this point… I have to say I love this guy and the responsibility I have to him. In three days he’s stolen my heart and I am so glad that there’s a place I can go to find how I can do my best for him. Thank you so, so, so much! We’re teaching him fetch soon, and getting him an exercise pen- we can’t really let him roam our room free for too long without him biting us a bunch or getting into things. Vets say he’s 4 months old according to his teeth. Anyway- Thank you again so so much!

    1. So good to hear. We all make mistakes with our dogs and puppies are VERY hard work at times and can test the patience of the best of us. Dogs are (fortunately) very forgiving. Keep up the good work.

    1. I started with a toy she really liked to play tug a war with then moved to balls. She had no interest in balls at first. Now she LOVES chasing a ball.

  7. I love that you brought this family back. Saw them initially when the puppy was biting. Now by introducing “Fetch” they are addressing his destructive tendencies with something positive.

  8. You are helping me so much. I’m not a dog person but the husband came with one. He is a terror if I don’t take him on a daily bike ride. That dog has soo much energy!

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution hey my dog and I have been struggling with fetch for a couple months. He runs after. Grabs it and comes back half way! Drops the ball and stands next to it! How can I interest him to bring it back all the way??

  9. Hi Zak, thank you for the videos that you do. I am disable. I walk with a walker. My son brought me a chihuahua mix puppy. It keeps me company. Do you happen to have videos to help disabled persons to train a puppy?
    Thank you Margie

  10. When I run around to make things more interesting my 3 month old puppy leaps up, latches onto my clothing, and tears giant holes in it. Doesn’t seem to matter how tired he is.

  11. just some notes, ignore this!

    tug of war
    – get the dog interested
    – then lose interest by stopping the tug
    – as soon as they let go, pull forward
    – keep a cool head regarding aggressiveness
    – slowly increase the barrier between tugs
    – keep first several throws short
    – get the dog used to the structure of fetch
    – the closer you are to the dog, the more they chase you
    – run with them to get the toy and return to the point of origin
    – over time the dog will learn to play fetch with anything, anywhere

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