12 Comments on “Existing pet doesn’t like a new dog.”

  1. We’re thinking about getting a puppy, but I’m unsure of how my senior dog is going to react. Please make more shorts about this.

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  3. My older dog didn’t like the puppy when we first got it
    But after 6 months of the puppy living here and my older dog learning that I’ll get the puppy to leave him alone, when the puppy gets too crazy
    Now they play twice a day

  4. My Siberian husky German shepherd mix dose not like my cant I
    And it’s been like that for 3 years we got here when she was 9 mounts

  5. Off topic of the video but i have 2 maltipoos i trained them myself. (Simple stuff like; sit, lay down, and walking on a leash an some other stuff.) but one thing they have trouble with is “stay” and sometimes “come / here” ive tried stuff you recommend but it doesn’t seem to click for them 😢 but aye! At least i got some stuff (thanks to some of your videos)

  6. Any hints for how to help when 2 dogs that were getting along fairly well for the last 4 months suddenly exhibit resource guarding over the humans? Especially the adults…the providers.
    I love our new rescued sweetheart, but this one is making things extra hard in a now 3 dog home. 😭😭😭
    We are rotating on separate sides of the gates already to let our older, more fearful and reactive guy to get his cortisol levels down. And new guy will have a harness and drag leash on when we reintroduce (he often ignores my older one’s signals requesting space.) And toys and food will be put away. Any other things I should keep in mind?

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