HE FINALLY DID IT 🤯 (+ Trying to Train This WILD Pit Bull to Heel!!!) Reality Dog Training Ep 13

Training George to heel so he stops dragging me everywhere. Plus he finally catches the double disc throw! Thank you Nom Nom for sponsoring this video! Go http://trynom.com/zak​ to get 50% off of a 2 week trial!

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31 Comments on “HE FINALLY DID IT 🤯 (+ Trying to Train This WILD Pit Bull to Heel!!!) Reality Dog Training Ep 13”

  1. When Bree said “Does he make a football move?” I spit out my coffee. That really was as difficult as a challenge in the NFL. It’s not about the catch, he did what he was supposed to. Good man George.

  2. Btw- George ‘s catch brought tears to my eyes. I hate to say…. I almost don’t want to see the end of this series…. Seeing George go with anyone but you Zak would be a conflicted ending to the story. 😕

    1. I like his training and the dog is very athletic. But he looks like a huge handful and a full time job. He looks like he would go backwards in a hurry without a great trainer like he has now.

    2. ​@Steven Kovacs owning any dog is a huge responsibility and George is no exception. He is going to continue to need training for sure, but If you want to own a dog, you need to put in the work.

  3. This dog man, a pit mix. One of the most beautiful dogs i’ve seen. He’s such a good boy. The moral of the story is that any mix breed can and will be great in the right hands. It’s a dog like any other. I like the fact that Zak doesen’t care what breed or mix it is. Only to make him a very good boy.
    Regards from Sweden

  4. Makes you wonder how many dogs in shelters right now could be the next super Frisbee dog. The same with humans. All the people who never got the chance to reach their full potential because of circumstances.

  5. I love George!! And I also love how you showed a force free way to teach heel as well as showing us how to wean out treats! I love this series so much and your training techniques are spot on!! Keep up the amazing work!! 💕💕

  6. Bravo! I loved seeing George catch those frisbees like you said not the prettiest but catching that second frisbee gave me goosebumps! He is such a very special dog and both of you have worked so hard to get him to where he is at!
    Love you Guys!

  7. Zak and Justine need to make the frame by frame of the catch into a reel. That was perfection.

    Thank you Zak for advocating for the pitbull breeds.

  8. I can’t believe he caught those frisbees that judged proves that you are willing to put the time into to make him a great dog you are such a good trainer

  9. Zak, the danger of a dog like George in a series is that we have all fallen in love with him. He has set the bar so high I think many of us may be referring to him for a long time to come. We are certainly going to miss him but thank you for giving him a new start in his life.

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