Her Shocking Breed Reveal! And How to Potty Train Your Puppy EASILY – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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25 Comments on “Her Shocking Breed Reveal! And How to Potty Train Your Puppy EASILY – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!”

  1. I love your videos, so educational. I just wish theses ones were a bit longer, I liked when some of the ones with Kona were 30/40 minutes long

  2. (Not done with the vid yet but) Zak putting “dog” in quotations and the hype about her DNA makes me wonder if she’s got like wolf content in her or something crazy haha.

  3. HUGE Thanks for your honesty Zak! Makes me feel more human in raising my puppy! Definitely going to Pupford for chews!!!! Right in the middle of teething stage and my arm is still the goal😅
    Bree you were hilarious at the end🤣

  4. Zak, while not my first I had a new home with a German Shepherd puppy that was often unable to hold it AND let me know in time… your Puppy Program and Pupford treats was like flipping a switch. 25yrs between puppies, I needed to relearn some basics.

  5. I adopted a puppy from a rescue who told me she was a dachshund mix. DNA results were she is a Catahoula leopard dog who has a grand parent who was chihuahua! They shilled her from Texas to NY state and when we picked her up she had a raging UTI. The potty training was a nightmare!

  6. I’m excited, maybe Brea training Veronica?! I’m following on all platforms so I don’t miss a thing in training my two puppies and over 200 youtube videos watched here making my way through them all possibly

  7. Loved this. I have bought your book. I have a 6 month old puppy. I think she is part Epangneul Breton, part border collie .Do you know that breed ? Love your videos so much, thank you xx

  8. We did an embark test on our shelter dog because he was such a mystery. His coat is brindle and he is the size of a large chihuahua with a short smooth coat weighing in at 20#. His makeup is 50% chihuahua, 30% Pomeranian, 10% Lhasa Ahpso, 9% cocker spaniel and 1% wolf!

    1. One of our pound puppies sounds similar to yours! He’s 18lbs, brindled, and you can kind of see some chihuahua in him, but sometimes looks like a miniature boxer. His brother (from the same litter) weighs about the same, but is shorter and stockier, and reminds me of a pug-mix. Their mother looked like a yorkie. I’ve been debating dna tests on the two of them, sounds like it might be a good idea!

  9. Part of my potty training at night was to have her in bed and when she woke up in the middle of the night I knew to take her out. During day I did every hour. She hated to crate at night and it would not fit in my room.

  10. Very impressed with you and your series. We just adopted an Australian Shepherd puppy. She’s 11 weeks now. Potty training is…. frustrating as you well know. Thanks for the guidance and support, it means a lot!

  11. I love that crate you have for biscuits! I’d like to see a series where you go through all of this training with an older rescue dog. Like a dog that’s like 2-5 yrs old.

  12. Oh Zak I’m a bit offended that you didn’t take your own advice, but had me taking numerous lengthy trips outside in all sort of weather this past winter with my puppy. Torrential rain, wind, snow, ice and sub arctic temperatures. Standing outside for 20 plus minutes waiting for her to realize the wind blowing tarps in the dark wasn’t going to hurt her, as my hands froze for her to do nothing and have to repeat the process 5 minutes later because I knew she really had to go! But we had zero accidents, you said they have to learn to go out in all weather, take your own advice good luck with Veronica and small “project”. We’ll be waiting for you in the north east! 😂🐾

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