How do I know my dog is ready to be off leash? #dogtrainer #dogtraining #puppytraining #offleash

18 Comments on “How do I know my dog is ready to be off leash? #dogtrainer #dogtraining #puppytraining #offleash”

  1. As a heads up if anyone has a really fast dog letting the long leash drag is false security. My dogs a very leggy poodle/gsp mix and I let her drag a 50ft leash so she could play with an off leash dog once and it seemed like I just blinked and she was 150ft away😂
    So some of them CAN keep that long lead out of your reach if they want so be careful and aware if you think you might have a speed demon.

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  3. can you get any farther from the walking path LOL. this is not real offleash training. zak how can you say R+ training is more effective than balanced training when you cannot get the same results. getting the same results means being able to be offleash extremely close and near competitng reinfrocers. take a walk on a path off leash passing other dogs within 5 feet and then ill believe you.

    1. If you watch his other videos there’s plenty of footage of him training Inertia (and other dogs) in close proximity to other dogs. R+ is effective because it is about shaping an animal to WANT to do the things that we ask, and therefore increasing the likelihood they will listen. Dogs refusing to obey owners happens more frequently when they are forced/punished into doing things which then creates a negative association 😊

    2. Additionally, people often don’t believe R+ is effective because the results aren’t necessarily instantaneous. In both the dog and horse world, what seems like a more effective method in the beginning often isn’t sustainable long term whereas R+ takes longer but provides long lasting results due to the animal having less trauma, more of a feeling of bodily autonomy, and higher ability to self soothe.

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