In this LIVE Training Lesson, Natalie goes over everything #ecollar and takes questions from our members from Canine Performance Online (link to join 7 days free below).

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28 Comments on “HOW DO YOU USE AN E-COLLAR?”

  1. You give such great information. I have followed all yours tips and tricks and guidance when i adopted my rottweiler about half a year ago!! So grateful for your efforts and knowledge

  2. A lot of these owners asking about electrical collars have no business touching one. This is a tool that only after extensive learning on dog training can a handler learn to use. It is not for the novice owner or novice trainer.

    1. Its not that complex Benny…timing…any knucklehead can research the tool for 3 hours…..look into larry krohn, robert cabral…..your welcome folks. Stop paying us and learn yourselves everyone…keep it simple, repetition…structure! Let me guess benny….the prong is for professionals only like you and I….come on man.

    2. @Kingdom K9 Training Academy, ABC this is true, but at the same time theres more to it. Its super easy to screw a dog up with an e collar. Look at alot of the franchised board and train results, all of those dogs are acting out of submission not motivation, with super high drive working dogs it doesnt matter so much if u make mistakes because they bounce back within seconds but train a low drive sensitive dog woth e collar and some kibble how larry krohn says and that dogs gna have the most flat body language and hate all its commands. Everyone says they use nepopo but really theyre using popone and it shows in their dogs superstitious behaviours from crushing them with corrections when the dog just needs more reps to understand the behaviour better

    1. upstate canine academy, one of the best!….youtube him and do it yourself!! calm, persistent, simple…stop talking, hahaha!! Have fun!

  3. I can’t get my dog to unload when people come over, I tried to remove her from a over excited moment and had to pick her up 82 lbs and remove her

    1. 1) teach her yes/no….then have her tethered to something on other side of room (may need to put an eye bolt in the wall) until calm…..immediately say “yes”….and unhook leash but be holding it….if she gets too excited/pulling….say NO and immediately return and hook her back up… this repeatedly with a friend for 5-10 minutes at least once a day…..after 2 days, give the dog a day off to let her soak it up and see what happens…..have the friend completely ignore the dog, you as well until calm. Never pick her up again……always have a line on her collar!! She needs a “no” and a correction tool…..most likely…send me a video! Have fun and be persistent!

  4. Nat, Ive seen many ecollars for sale. …some more expensive than others. Are there any less expensive brands that you would consider equally reliable as the more expensive ones? I have brand new puppy and think this would be great way to start her training. I hope you read these comments.

    1. @Canine Performance Why shouldn’t we use the e collar on puppies younger than 6 months? Every trainer who uses them says they’re safe if used at low levels.

  5. Hi Natalie,

    I have a two and half year old golden retriever with a TON of energy. I have a major problem with her jumping on the dog groomer who comes over in the van. When the dog groomer comes over my dog is afraid to go in the van–so she does not jump, but when my dog is all done and both her and the groomer exit the van, she is jumping all over the groomer. I try to hold her back but it is tough to have her obey commands when in a super excited state of mind and I feel like that’s the only time I can train her is when she is jumping like that. Would an e-collar help in this situation with the dog groomer? She gets a lot of exercise such as running around the backyard and walking; she has various rope toys she and I play tug with; furry toys; a dental toy; eight buster cubes where each of her meals go into only to keep her mentally sharp. Thank you for any advice! Jeff

    1. Tell the groomer not to say a word or look at the dog after done…….try a slip lead and correct the dog…..teach it yes/no!! Minor problem….likely theres others though, hahaha…how is the dog on a leash walking?

    2. @Kingdom K9 Training Academy, ABC Will do! Actually, I started her on the e-collar about a month ago and she is walking beside me really well on leash. She doesn’t go after vehicles anymore. Thanks!

  6. What do You think about The Martinsystem have You experince with that one.
    I am using now technologic ecollar for My cane corso.But It can happen that He does not feel It.
    Thanks Eve from Belgium

    1. You have it on wrong or the dog doesn not understand it…start over with a 30 foot long line (rope)… of dog…beep,,,come…stop beep…..yes…reward when the dog is where you want it with treat if needed to start….every time…every 3rd time….every 6th, etc….its not the dog, you have not trained it with the tool properly or it is not attached/tight enough….research….larry krohn!

    2. I think the metal contacts must touch his skin. Be careful of fur.

      Also, that is a big dog. What does he weigh? 70 kilo’s? I wonder if he’s too big for it to work?

  7. What is the minimum age for an e collar? I’ve considered starting my 14 week old golden retriever puppy with just the sound or vibration until he get older.

    1. 14 weeks old in my opinion and many trainers’ opinions is way too young to start e collar training. They are not ‘developed’ enough per say because they need to learn many other things first before they can fully understand how the e collar works or even know that its a ‘correction’ at that age. A standard bare minimum is 6 months or 24 weeks. Also, the e-collars are usually most effective with stim. The vibration can be aversive to some dogs.

  8. It´s a shame I missed this live. It is great and I just ordered my ecollar. I have a question, I hope you can help me out. here´s the issue: I have a rescued doberman (4 or 5 years old). he´s so sweet and mostly well behaved. I KNOW he know the sit command and the come command and also the stay. I am trying to tech him the heel command, however I really like him to walk free (on leash) and explore and sniff. He walks 7-10 feet in front of me and mostly stops and waits for me to catch up, he never pulls, just once in a while when something really catches his attention, then I have to correct pulling once hard. The point is that the heel he does it only in “training” with food and he sit if I am in front of him but not if he´s besides me. He kind of complies whenever he wants.
    So you suggest positive or negative reinforcement? Any approach to this things? Thanks so much

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