How I STOP 2 of the MOST Annoying Puppy Habits. What “Balanced” Dog Trainers CAN’T Show You! 

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31 Comments on “How I STOP 2 of the MOST Annoying Puppy Habits. What “Balanced” Dog Trainers CAN’T Show You! ”

  1. Ah, just the video I needed. My dog is a saint in general but he has picked up the most revolting things, which I won’t even name here 😂

    1. Good for teaching a blank slate, young puppy new things. If getting a rescue dog or older dog that have rehearsed habits and behaviours already just make sure you always draw your k9 education from many sources and come up with your own style that works for you and your dog. It is never one size fits all 😊

  2. Happy birthday. I really enjoy your videos and training tips. It has helped with my training with my rescue Doberman. He had no obedience training when I got him and you’ve helped tremendously

  3. I get my cockapoo puppy in 3 weeks and I must have binged watch every one of your series and I feel super prepared for what’s ahead and I can’t wait to welcome her into our family . P.s Happy Birthday Bree!

    1. I did the same when I was awating for my poodle pup to arrive and then was bitterly disappointed that she wouldn’t take treats. She is in general perfect puppy and I am still hoping she will take on treats, at least I’m trying.

  4. Zak… I’m cracking up! Your ability to make a commercial irresistible is impressive! I didn’t skip ahead. Bark Box
    NEEDS to give you a raise!! 😁
    Oh, and excellent content😉😄. I love watching Veronica grow! And Inertia… such a sweetheart🥰🥰

  5. Happy birthday, Bree! Best wishes and happy training.😊
    So, the mining town was cool. I know there’s lots more and you could only upload so much; I really like what you’ve shown so far. I see Veronica is growing nicely. I’m very curious what she’ll look like full grown. Keep up the good work guys!

  6. Happy birthday Bree!
    I loved the grass clump training. I used to think leash training involved arduous long distances. It’s so refreshing that you teach small distances with focussed content is much more effective and efficient! Thanks to both of you!

  7. Happy Birthday Bree!
    I’m going to have to try to train my 5 month old puppy like you did with the grass but with….rocks…yes rocks. I live in Arizona where we have no grass and just rock yards….so they’re everywhere.

  8. First, I have to know what you guys are thinking of the BarkBox ad!? Also, is this series meeting your expectations? Thanks y’all🤔😉

    1. The ads are fun and creative. I did bark box and pup box my puppy’s first year. I prefer pup box. I am enjoying this series. Happy Birthday Bree!! Did you ever get the breed results for Veronica?

    2. 👍👍on the BarkBox ad. We already subscribe to Super Chewer and just a few weeks ago got our August box. It had the Pisa Tower, Car and Meatball, along with the Jack-O-Loops treats (which Brooklyn loved BTW) among other tasty goodies. The fuzzy meatball didn’t last long, but the other 2 are hanging in there so far.
      The Veronica series is genius, keeping the training fresh. Love all of the location changes. New experiences for both dogs and humans. Happy of see more of Bree taking the reins (leash) in the training exercises, and of course seeing Inertia being a good influence on her little sis. 😊

  9. happy (belated) birthday to Bree! I think ‘leave it’ is one of the hardest things to teach a dog, but it’s sooo worth it to teach it the Zak George way 😁

  10. Loved this really is gunna help me with leave it. I do think Veronica is a little spoilt but that maybe because of the van she will learn with the barking and separation anxiety in time

  11. Agreed that dog friendly places are a must but for the sake of training I think this was done fabulously. Cool weather, close to the car so you can intervene if necessary, quick visit to check on them..
    Dogs shouldn’t be left in a car but really this situation was perfectly planned and I’m sure they would have ended the dinner if necessary. I’m loving this series. Real world situations with less than perfect dogs (don’t tell them I said that), and you have great opportunities for teaching! Oh and happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉

  12. Happy birthday Bree🥳 I have loved watching Veronica grow into such a nice young lady. You have helped me so much with my reactive pit bull rescue. He is still nuts with other dogs and I don’t think I can change that but I am going to keep trying. Love your vids

  13. Happy birthday Bree! I am enjoying the trainings because I get tips on how to fix issues I see come up with my American pitbull. I love getting ideas and how to scaffold lessons so that I can take my dogs skills to the next level. It also gives me encouragement and energy to actually work with my dog.

  14. I am loving your new series with traveling with the pups! We’ve traveled with our Huskys in our trailer it’s not easy but excellent opportunities for expanded training! and Happy Birthday Bree!

  15. So happy you brought up separation anxiety! It’s great to see Veronica’s and also inertia’s progress from when she was a puppy. Patience goes a long way. Happy birthday Brie!

    The ads are so fun…loved the leaning tower of Pisa. Inertia is becoming a skilled actress 🙂

  16. My goofy girl is a grass clump eater too, geez what a weird obsession! I like the funny ads, they’re quirky and engaging. Just wanted to say that I got my rescue girl when she was 4 months old and have been training her based on all of these puppy (and now adult dog) videos. I can’t tell you how many people say she is so well behaved (she is now 2 years old). She still struggles with jumping people from time to time and grabbing gross stuff when we are hiking so even though she is an adult now I still got something worthwhile to work on with her. I love this format and thanks for all of the wonderful content. My girl Rocket thanks you too!

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