How to Get a Puppy! If I Were Getting a Puppy in 2022 I’d Do Everything Different

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24 Comments on “How to Get a Puppy! If I Were Getting a Puppy in 2022 I’d Do Everything Different”

  1. Zak, I like your voice reading your audiobooks. Your voice is the perfect type of voice for … a Brandon Mull novel, for example! It’s easy to just listen and listen!

  2. I have been loving the content on TikTok… I was all over it when this was mentioned in the last YouTube video. I’m excited to see the progress with your new daughter ☺️

  3. I did a lot of research on many breeds to make sure my lifestyle & theirs are a match. So glad I did we are happy with both dogs we have .

    1. Thats great. Also learning how to pick a puppy from a litter come in handy too. When we picked our puppy we looked at the puppies temperment. We chose the one that didnt come straight to us and was kinda off in the distance doing his own thing and was mellow. And hes been great. Hes not extremly hyper hes wrll behaved. Many people pick the one that comes straight to them and jumps up to greet them licks them etc, but this dog will be a hyper dog thst requires some extrs trsining in manners.

  4. Definitely curious if you’ll do clicker training with your own dog, since I haven’t seen it since Inertia. Getting our first dog this summer and trying to study up.

  5. Haha, I adopted a dog during pandemic, could not see her for myself but I chose an organization I thought I could trust. I did not even choose based on look, it did not matter to me, I wanted an energy level 2 dog. Well, I got a high energy one xD So I will not trust organizations in the future in this topic xD Anyways, our case turned out fine, I mostly had high energy dogs, so even though I did not have my break with a moderate energy dog as I wished, we make a great team. But I do think that if organizations offer dogs they do not assess well, that could make trouble in families adopting dogs by giving them dogs who totally do not fit in.

  6. I’m so excited to see what you have coming, Zak. I don’t have tiktok, but I found a spoiler, and I can’t wait for you to announce it to everyone. I can’t wait to see you deliver more great content, and I support yall 100 percent. Have a great week!!

  7. I would recommend the trainings class for puppies at Popford from Z. George , that is very helpful . Maybe You two give it at try , Bree and Zak ? 😉😄

  8. We’re getting a puppy in a few weeks! Just met the litter today! Currently we have a good situation as my mom works during the days and I have evening classes, but I will be working day shifts over the summer, meaning our puppy will be alone during the day for a while. That’s the only thing I’m worried about.

  9. Thinking about the questions Bree was asked in her applications is SO important. I live in an apt community personally. The things I’ve seen or heard can be really concerning to a person who is invested into a dogs training and socialization but to someone who is not educated in modern methods wouldn’t think too much of those questions. I’m glad rescues are doing this because it is so tough and people don’t realize the true investment into a healthy communication with their dogs.

  10. Thank you for using your platform to help advocate for dogs and science based training.

    I have to call out Petco though. They do not always regulate their trainers well. I was in one a few months ago and came accross a trainer using adversive methods. The dogs where scared and confused and they trainer kept saying “they know what you want, they just dont always like to listen”…..

  11. I got my puppy Roxie a year ago and I binged hours on hours of Zak George content prior to her arrival. It really helped set the expectation and tone of how I wanted to foster my relationship with her: I never want to have the “she needs to know youre the alpha” method. I always think “I want her to do something. She wants to do something else, how do I get us on the same page? And I’m really glad because it’s also a much more fun experience, albeit a bit more work in the beginning, overall.

  12. My Raven went to puppy training school at Petco and she did well and graduated. Really liked our trainer. Look forward to seeing The Veronica chronicles!

  13. When you are assessing a dog’s energy from a rescue, you have to consider how long the dog has been with the rescue. Our dog was at the rescue for about a month and I think he was still adjusting. When we met him he was VERY low energy and the volunteers called him a couch potato. But after a few months of living with us, we found out he’s not a low energy dog at all!

  14. I worked as a dog walker for 1 year to get to know different types of breeds and learn what would work best for our lifestyle, it was the best decision I could have ever made! It’s so important to pick the right breed for your energy level, not just looks which has been a huge mistake before to be honest. I’m getting a Cavapoo soon and I’m binge watching your channel!!!

  15. I don’t even have a dog (yet). I just clicked by accident and liked your energy. Also you help me learn how to empathise with animals. Keep em coming.

  16. Also, I volunteer for an association that rescues dogs from difficult environments, rehabilitates them, values their needs and finds them a new home. We’re just volunteers and we have little idea about how to train a dog, but since I discovered your videos they’re mandatory in the classes we use to prep new generations of volunteers and we’re generally getting SO MUCH BETTER results! Especially with dogs that have been beaten up or abandoned.

  17. Me: planning to have my first puppy as a grown-up in 3 years or even more

    Also me: learning all the information about the breed, all the essentials, foods, toys, and watching training videos for a year now

    My brain: *puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy* 🧠💥🐶

    I’m gonna be a responsible dog mom 💪So excited ✨

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