How To Get Your Dog to Listen To You Anywhere on Earth. No Force Required!

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34 Comments on “How To Get Your Dog to Listen To You Anywhere on Earth. No Force Required!”

  1. I would love to see you discuss working with special needs pups. E.g., there are tons of misunderstandings about the cause of separation anxiety, how to introduce fearful dogs to their triggers in a responsible way, and how to meet the needs of senior or injured dogs that need extra rest and aren’t able to participate in high-impact activities.

  2. I’m enjoying rewatching your videos since we recently adopted a standard poodle puppy through our veterinarian. She’s learning the basics fast and even learning how to play fetch. She looks a lot like Kona.

  3. Great job on your videos! I really appreciate you sharing your training strategies and also taking care of the emotional well-being of the dogs. Thank you to denounce the new wave of abusive methods being used to train dogs 🙁 . My Australian Shepherd is only 8 months old and far from perfect, but by following your steps, she’s been able to learn so much.

  4. I have a 10 month old Great Dane. I’m immersing myself in this video. She is difficult. Today she tore up the trash 🙄 Can’t do the back jumping trick. My spine would collapse 😂😂😂😂

  5. My pups tend to listen more to me but that’s because I’ve been their trainer since my husband’s been living out of state for 3 months

  6. There are a lot of naysayers out there, and I feel bad that all the shots are being fired at your methods (however unfounded they are) all at once it seems. Don’t let any of the negative nancys get to you. You both are amazing dog trainers and do what you guys need to do to foster the positive relationships you have with the pups, and anyone that feels they need to disrupt that isn’t worth your time. Being the role model you guys are is enough. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these, they’ve been invaluable to so many of us ❤

    1. @kavita deva totally agree. I think balance is key to everything in life, and most dogs don’t have that perfect upbringing, so holding “positive-only training” to such a royal standard can bring a lot of counter points into the conversation. I myself use mostly positive and only correct for the smallest of reasons and that’s usually on a risk/safety basis. I just wanted Zak and Bree to know that they’re doing an amazing job and that from this fan’s perspective, I hope they aren’t feeling too down about the chatter and drama happening in the dog training world 😊

    2. And the scientific evidence disagrees with your assumption. I get that it feels right and it feels intuitive don’t get me wrong. But there are no known instances where true professionals need to use aversive techniques as part of a dog training or behavior modification plan. That is just a fact not an opinion. I acknowledge that many so-called professionals don’t know what to do but that is not the same as aversive techniques being needed. It just means we have a severe lack of education in the dog training field. That is why I am making so much noise about this.

    3. @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution hi Zak. Aversive is a word that has the room to have subtle and insidious definitions. I am not being nit picky. It’s just fact. One person thinks yelling at your dog because it did a harmful thing is ok. Another thinks it’s Aversive. To me some dogs respond very different to different approaches. I respect your conviction regarding PRT. KEEP IT UP.
      Hi Bree. Happy travels

    4. @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolutionwell than prove it get a aggressive level 10 red zone dog and prove that the balanced training like Tom Davis and dog daddy and Beckmann. I watch all of you I’m disappointed that you are so closed minded and think that your methods are the only way . When we stop learning we fail . I like you Zak but I think you need to back up your training and way of thinking. Cheers mate 🇦🇺✌️

  7. Zak, thank you for all you do for dogs around the world. PLEASE don’t ever be discouraged by closed-minded people’s backlash who want a dog but not put in the work of patiently training it. Aversive methods are actually prohibited where I live and positive training is pretty much the norm, so stumbling across these mindsets that seem to rise again in America made me so sad and horrified. Keep up your amazing work and know that for every negative comment there is probably a dog out there that you are helping have an amazing life with a caring and educated owner. You certainly did that for me, I had been watching you for years before I could finally get my dream dog a year ago and while training her was definitely not always easy, your methods always proved themselves in the long run.

    1. Respectfully, I know more than you about what I’m talking about. Don’t take my word for it. You need to Google him. He is widely considered by virtually 100% of dog trainers to be the most problematic personality in our field. It is not just me. He is a big problem.

  8. Zak George puts out a video of how to weave training into a fun walk with your dog and some people can’t see the training part or think the method is flawed. How can fun and happy ever be flawed? Inertia is proof and Veronica is the budding little master in the making. Keep it up this is the dream to see all dogs this fulfilled.

  9. I want to teach my dog a back stall so bad now but he’s a goofy 70 lb boxer mix and I don’t think it would be anywhere near as graceful 😂

  10. There are a LOT of good messages in this video. Linking a “come” command to an action the dog is already doing, repeated enough, will work it in instinctually and should be practiced by all dog owners.
    It was very fun and honestly impressive watching you pick the drive up in that… i think papillon, so much so that you got it to jump and stay only using a toy. They’re definitely not high drive dogs so the bonding and knowing of the dog has to be of the highest degree. Very nice. Can’t wait to see you do it with a mastiff jk.
    And Inertia did really well with the other dog in sight. Great advice during all of that.
    I do have to mention the long lines. Are still there. And the wrapping around legs and inhibiting the dog’s free movements is why i try to get them off of ’em as soon as possible.
    My family bred wolves for a long time. I’ll often say i was raised with wolves (Romulus and Remus reference😂) and i can tell you, when you see a dog in full run, you are seeing a wolf in full run (canis lupus familiares).
    I want to give them that as soon as possible.
    Obviously i disagree with a portion of the message at the end. Gross oversimplification of all the varying dog training situations ppl find themselves in all over the world, but i wholeheartedly agree with the final statement… i really enjoyed this video too.

    And don’t think i didn’t catch the flex of showing off that slice of paradise you got to train in. Yes, i am jealous. Make sure to enjoy that spot while you’re there

  11. I have a pit mix (and totally binged all the George episodes – i loved George) and I am the primary human, but she does listen to my husband. Every now and again though she’ll check in with me first though.

  12. Great Instagram live! I’m a new follower on there. But I loved this video! Inertia jumping across the stream is such a beautiful shot and the drone footage is awesome! I’m from the UK so I’m loving seeing all the places in nature that you’re visiting! From your Alaskan videos – I never knew elk were so big! I really love the content where you’re visiting different places and training inertia and Veronica to different situations. But a big well done to Brie and Veronica – it’s amazing watching you guys train and the lovely bond you’re developing with her! It was so cool watching you guys do the back stall! I really love the content you both are filming and seeing so much love for your dogs and training them in such a lovely way, its really great viewing ❤️

  13. So happy I found your videos 2 years ago when I got my GSD rescue. So much out there was promoting the ‘correction’ style of training for his reactivity and that just made him worse. Your work with Moira inspired me to keep to positive training. Now my dog is relaxed, friendly and attentive. Took a lot of work but it was worth it!

  14. As always, thank you for the education and wisdom you provide and for your tireless and incredible advocacy work. I’ve trained my dog from 8 weeks old with your methods and he just turned 2. He’s a joyful, friendly dog who has an incredible bond with me (and the other members of my family that live with us, all of whom are committed to positive reinforcement training.) I can really see him thinking through and learning things in real time when we work on something new. Everyone who meets him gets a recommendation to your channel because they want to know how to create the kind of bond that your videos helped me create with my pup. I’m lucky that when I was overwhelmed when he was a puppy that I asked a friend who trains service dogs for references and they immediately said you and Kikopup. Thanks again for all you do. 💜

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