How To STOP Any Dog From Excessive Barking: The Ultimate Guide.

Thank you Nom Nom for sponsoring the Dog Training Revolution! Get 50% off a 2 week supply at my special link: 🥕✨ Hi! I'm here to share my extensive knowledge on dog training, particularly on how to stop any dog from barking. With 19 years of experience, I've learned a lot about dog behavior and how to modify it in a positive way. This video is your ultimate guide to quiet dog training, and I guarantee it's packed with effective dog training tips you won't want to miss!

Through positive reinforcement and evidence-based dog training methods, I've found a way to address the common barking problem many dog guardians face. Whether you're dealing with puppy training or adult dog training, my techniques apply to all. This isn't just about dog obedience training — it's about understanding dog communication and addressing canine behavior in a modern, effective, gentle, no punishment way.

I'm passionate about canine communication, and I want to help you understand your barking dog better. So, if you're tired of the constant dog noise and you're ready for some peace and quiet, this dog training tutorial is for you. Join me as I guide you through the process of training any dog not to bark.

Remember, a quiet dog is a happy dog, and a well-trained dog means a happier pet parent too! So, let's embark on this journey of dog behavior modification together. Enjoy the video, and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to join the Dog Training Revolution and learn more dog training techniques! #ZakGeorge #DogTraining #StopDogBarking

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23 Comments on “How To STOP Any Dog From Excessive Barking: The Ultimate Guide.”

  1. My dog is much worse than the white dog in your video. She barks, she puts her tail between her legs, growls and trembles when she meets humans. She wants to disappear and run away. I’ve done a lot of progress by redirecting her and with the help of a trainer from instinct in San Diego. She can now stay in the car while I go grocery shopping and I’m able to go outside for 20-30 minutes. I’m saving money to take her to see a behavioral vet. I really think she needs medication to get through this. She is almost two and I can’t have her continue rehearsing this behavior.
    Thank you and thank you Bree for your guidance and content you provide to us so we can be better pet parents.

  2. Last century I had a dog called Trixie. I don’t remember why she barked but I did come across a way to teach her to have some control of her barking. The first thing was to teach her to “speak” on command. (Easy bit). Then I had to teach her to stop. She didn’t have physical control over her barking. She would sort of hiccup as she was trying to stop the bark from coming out. I rewarded her for the attempt of course.

  3. I have a Hungarian Shepherd, and they are known for being loud. I trained mine till on a point he is getting too excited about things and start to bark. Furthermore, I let him bark, because he has to guard the house. And then I go see what triggered him, at that time I’m close to him, so I can control him easier. And I’m calling him to the backside of my house, to get away from the source that is triggering him. If he is quiet, I give him a cookie as reward. It’s the easiest way to learn him not to bark for any reason.

  4. My dog will go to a window and bark at anyone moving outside or next door inside their home, except when we had our motorbike stolen. But apart from that, she alerts us to everyone…loudly. I go to her, say thank you, look outside, say all is fine and she can be quiet now. This works quite well.

  5. Today we went to my Moms and he played with grandkids then I dropped him back home and was going out again. He went nuts barking because he thought he would miss another party. So I slowed way down, made him a peanut butter chicken Kong and gave him a bully stick. I sat down and did say no a few times cause he had worked himself up a lot. He settled with his Kong and didn’t care when I left and was fine after. I think it’s partially separation anxiety and partially triggers which are many, like putting on shoes (Velcro:) and even just moving fast getting ready or the phone rings right then. It’s definitely much better then it used to be. He’s almost two. This is good. I’ll work on those triggers with him and leaving several times in a row. Thanks!

  6. My Australian Shepherd rarely barks. She will look out the window if a dog or person is outside but no bark. Dog next door who has fence aggression issues barks at her. No bark in return. She will only bark when she wants to play with another dog or person. Like when she stuffs a toy in my lap and wants to play. Guess I lucked out?

  7. we have all types of barking, that’s just crazy. i was sure our boys had dog autism. now I know it’s called reactivity. after I started watching your videos a couple of months ago, and even more importantly, Instagram, we started exercising about 2,5 weeks ago. we just also relocated to a different country, so it’s now a survival question 🙂 and I see the results! we have all types of bad behaviour, but now we are making some progress when seeing dogs outside, and it took only about 3 days to start playing fetch. i use our second dog as a “treat” – and it works perfectly! thank you!!

  8. I love these indept and very useful videos on specific topics! Please keep them coming, they are so useful and easy to implement in everyday life 🙂

  9. Our Dog barks out of sheer excitement…. like when we let her out of the car at the beach she runs along barking into the air.

    People think she is aggressive just because she is vocal. But she is just a happy happy Samoyed

    She isn’t barking AT something, it’s just into the air as she jumps and runs in excitement.

  10. There’s also something wlse as equally important.
    Are they special needs?
    That adds a whole different layer to why their reactions are the way that they are. As well as how it’s more difficult with special needs dogs.

  11. Thank you. My dog has really improved at home, I can usually say “quiet” “yes I saw that.” But I used to take him to the park and any dog outside the car is a wild ride. I feed him treats but I have to funneling them to silence.

  12. How do you avoid a “bad” behavior chain. For instance, your dog barks, they then quiet down, you reward for the quiet. But, the dog learns: bark, quiet, reward as opposed as just quite and reward. I made this mistake years ago training by boxer puppy for loose leash walking.(she just turned 10). She would pull, come back to me, get a treat. so that became the routine: pull, come back for a treat, then go pull ahead again.

  13. I have a dachshund who is a barker5000 machine, got him during the pandemic and he lacks in socialization and is extremely reactive. Thanks for this video, Im gonna try to apply some of your tips, pray for me lol… brought him to a school but they were not into positive reinforcement so I stopped going there.

  14. Gentle reminder: put your headphones on before you watch this video if you have a barky dog, thank me later.
    Me watching it for 2 mins and my dog heard all the barkings from the video, jumped up from his sleep and started barking at the door😅 haven’t even got to the part where I learn how to make him stop😂

  15. Zak – there isn’t another trainer on YouTube who I feel has the heart for this work that I see radiate from you, or the depth of skill in training and communicating with these amazing, fabulous creatures. Thank you for all you do. I have learned SO much.

    From a place of deep respect, I wanted to share an observation and some feedback. A reaction of mine, if you will, that is so at odds with how i experience all of the content you share. It’s about your thumbnails. They are so often dramatic and extreme, and stand in stark contradiction with you and your message. I know there would be another approach to the images portrayed that would garner the attention that’s valuable to you and your channel, and hope you’ll give this some thought.

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