How To Take A Tick Off Your Dog – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this video, Instructor Shannon will show you how to take a tick off your dog. There are many different parasites that can pose a threat to your pet. Fleas, ticks, ​and lice, to name a few. All are blood feasting and all transmit disease. Fleas can transfer viral and bacterial disease to both humans and dogs. Ticks can cause all sorts of illness including Lyme, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Even if no diseases are transmitted, parasites can turn into infestations, both on the dog and in the house, in no time. There are commercial products you can buy that help you remove ticks. We'll use one of these tick removal products in today's video.

Alternatively, you can use a pair of tweezers to pull the tick out. The goal is to remove the tick fully intact and not leave its head in your dog's skin. Squeeze the tweezers on the tick as close to the skin as you can and remove by applying gentle pressure straight up. Do not turn the tweezers as this may cause the head to remain in the dog. This can cause irritation or infection. Be aware of any method that may cause the tick to regurgitate before releasing – things like rubbing it with cotton or applying soap work, but these methods will often result in the tick regurgitating before letting go and emptying toxins back into the dog.

If you don't initially get all of the tick out, don't try to dig it out. This can actually increase the likelihood of infection. Instead, watch the area closely for signs of infection (rash or irritation) and let your dog's body naturally expel the foreign object. If you see signs of rash, irritation or your dog develops a fever, see your vet immediately.

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57 Comments on “How To Take A Tick Off Your Dog – Professional Dog Training Tips”

  1. I’d suggest for all dog owner to have a tick removal tool. I live in an area that I don’t expect ticks and I’ve still found a few on my dog over the years. Also Ned is a gorgeous dog!

    1. That’s a great suggestion, Avivamae! It’s always a good idea to be prepared for these kinds of unexpected situations. Thanks for watching! ~Ken

  2. OMG so timely! We pulled 2 ticks off of Clover a few weeks ago. They had only been on there a couple of hours and weren’t engorged, but we were traumatized nonetheless. I found one BETWEEN the little furry toes! CHECK EVERYWHERE!

    1. @scully Honestly, I don’t really do it every time but if he’s run through any grass, I’m definitely combing through every inch of fur

    2. In my area you basically only get ticks if you spend to much time in the forest but there is like a small chance of getting a tick from you being inside

  3. Just found one on my dog the first time in 9 years. Didn’t panic. We carefully with a pair of tweezers removed the tick. You gave me some great ideas for aftercare, thanks! Still scary though!

    1. I removed it all the time for my dogs, you can use an artery forcep with very narrow head. Its much easier and very fast and i would not prefer to use hydrogen peroxide to sanitize
      skin. Forcep gives a very good grip

    2. @Karen W @Heather M
      I wouldn’t recommend that, since the tick might strenghten it’s grip on the dog..
      Id rather use oil to drown the tick, cos oil suffocates the peasant..

    3. My dog jerks every single time I almost get ahold of it. It is so stressful at times lol. Plus she has very short hair and it’s hard to part her hair. End up pulling hair out as well

    4. I literally removed a Tick doing her method Today and it popped right off.. my dog was calm because I was calm just being honest 😎 oh the trick is PATIENCE!! You must talk to your dog!! Tell them to relax !! I used a cuticle trimmer .. I slowly grasped around the neck line of the tick, pull “slightly” just enough to get the ticks attention with NO snatching of course 😬 And in moments it will just let go while you’re pulling on it !! Just keep patient it will LET go 👍🙂

    1. I look after a few strays in the village, and a couple of them have ticks; tomorrow I’m buying one of them tools and having them out.

  4. Awesome advice! I had a dog tick in my red heeler near the same spot. I took a deep breath and told Sydney we got this! It came out just like yours, head and all. Thank you for this video!

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