How to teach BOW – Dog Tricks tutorial

How to train your dog the dog trick Bow using a food lure. There are many ways to train a dog to bow. In this tutorial I show how to use a food lure and what I suggest to do to set your dog up for success with this trick. I don't suggest this is the first behavior you train your new puppy or adult dog, because it is easier to train this behavior after the dog has already learned the idea of offering a behavior without a lure. I suggest first teaching sit and down where you teach your dog to do the behaviors without a lure first before trying to teach bow.

How to teach sit and down –
Here is a video on how to teach bow from a down:

Hope you found this video helpful for your dog trick training!

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

28 Comments on “How to teach BOW – Dog Tricks tutorial”

  1. You are a great communicator! Often I watch training videos and I don’t understand why a dog is rewarded at one time but not another. You were able to explain that to humans without stopping the training session with the wonderful, handsome and highly intelligent dog. As I listened to your voice while you modeled the training, I noticed your voice was higher pitched than I used and you had energy in your voice, if that makes sense. We just experimented on a trick my girl knows and she was enjoying the change in my voice. Thank you so much.

    1. Awe thanks! I do try! I realized sometimes I use terminology that is confusing and I try not to do it. And I try to explain what I am doing. Yes! I do use my voice to motivate the dogs to do the behaviors.

  2. Thank you for this!

    I ran into a problem!
    My dog always sits to take a treat so he won’t stop sitting down, even if I keep walking away to get him to come up!

    1. Everything Barlow yeah same! My dog learned sit first so she sits all the time when she gets a treat 😓 so when I try to get her to stand on all fours, it’s pretty difficulty for me because she gets up to move closer and sits right back down. I have to physically move her bottom upwards!

    2. I suggest teaching “get it” meaning he can have the treat, as well as you could also teach him the cue “touch” so he touches your hand. You can also practice luring him as you back up marking and putting treats down on the ground because he is anticipating to eat the treat off the ground and move forward you can mark when hes not sitting.

    1. I do excite my dogs sometimes with squeaky voices when screwing around watching tv etc.Or lol when Ive had too much coffee. But not over excite…

    2. Dog Training by Kikopup acceptable I don’t mind squeaky voices when playing, I l or teasing my dog as well but most trainers I’ve watched use those high pitched voices whilst training and the dogs get way over excited.

  3. This is the most helpful ‘bow’ video I’ve seen yet! Nice, slow, steady process. I made the mistake of trying to get my dog into a full bow position and training was chaotic with very little outcome. But i can’t wait to try again, this time ‘starting small’ by rewarding that little shoulder dip.

    By the way, your dog is stunningly beautiful!!!

    1. Awe thanks! Yes, I realize that some people who dont use a high rate of reinforcement might get shocked at how many treats Im giving, but this is just his puppy kibble and it was a full meal and training session in one. With other other training sessions I wouldnt give so many treats.

  4. Me and my Service dog are in the middle of quarantine so I thought to train some tricks just for fun to keep both of us going while we wait this out.

  5. Can I just say that you are amazing? I have learned so much watching your videos. Dog training looks easy however there is so much more to it than meets the eye. You have mastered it! Thank you for helping us “wannabe” dog trainers. You truly have a wonderful gift!

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