How to Teach your Dog to do 4 things in Minutes (Roll over, Play dead, Sit, Lie down)

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36 Comments on “How to Teach your Dog to do 4 things in Minutes (Roll over, Play dead, Sit, Lie down)”

  1. You are a wonderful dog trainer and person. Someone who loves his dogs and someone who has fun working with them and your dogs reflect it so well. They’re happy and they love you.

    1. It takes some time with some dogs I’ve noticed but for me it’s so rewarding. I get frustrated trying to teach mine to speak lol she just don’t beg and that’s basically how you get them to do it by getting them frustrated untill they get vocal.

    2. @Brittany Lyons I heard on a video teaching your dog to “speak” can actually be a bad thing cause then the dog is always speaking to the point of being annoying to the neighbors.

    1. Yup my German shepherd does the same thing. We have been stuck at the side lay for 3 months. He just won’t roll over.. he just turns his head.. like “this is easier”

  2. I just adopted my first dog (a sweet 3 y/o Schnauzer/black lab I named Mildred, Millie for short) and I can’t wait to start working with her! She just got her spay done yesterday morning, but she is feeling very energetic today so I think we should be good to really start tomorrow 😀 Thanks so much for your awesome energy and positivity, I’ll update later!

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution

      I just stumbled upon your videos while browsing huskies singing vids- and I have to say- you’re *awesome* and your dogs are, too!

      Thank you for letting other people see for themselves and believe in the incredible potential our pets naturally possess- and how much richer and rewarding our lives become when we give our time, attention, respect and love to our dogs! You have a knack for explaining. What a gift!

      I’d only like to add some additional encouragement to the pet owners out there: don’t give up! Once you figure out your dog’s currency, is like you’ve unlocked a door… They love- dare I say it- exist- to ‘work’, and please you. They love repetition (much like our kids do!), they love to be praised (yup, like kids!); I’ve found the benefits are huge!

      You have a new subscriber, Loki🐈, and I are going to take a LokiLook at the frisbees videos you made as well. I’m excited to see other people who understand and enjoy their dogs as well.

      Please- keep up the important work you’re doing! With your youth, energy and positivity, you’ll reach a lot of people, and improve the lives of both man and beast 🤓😉, I just know it!

      PS just shared your play list link (in your description box) to Twitter

  3. Oh my God we followed your video and within 1 viewing he learned how to roll over! I love your philosophy about stressing the relationship between you and the dog. <3

  4. I’ve been watching your most recent videos with Inertia and seen Indy in a lot of them. Now I’m browsing your older videos and just now discovered that Indy’s name is short for Indiana Jones. Omg, so cute.

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