How to Teach Your Dog to Love WATER & SWIMMING

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Does your dog like water or are they reluctant to approach it? Either way, you’ll love this video. Watching a dog swim for the first time is always a pleasure to see!

This video came out great! My training videos are very real, so you never know how some of these lessons are going to end up! The challenge with teaching dog to swim is that you can’t be sure you’ll get there in a single lesson. Let’s just say that June the rescue dog from, lifeline puppy rescue made us look good 😉

Let me know if you like this one!

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57 Comments on “How to Teach Your Dog to Love WATER & SWIMMING”

  1. I got ridiculously happy when June swam to Josh on her own. I clapped for her and then felt really silly.
    Way to go June! This is a very good video on introducing your pupper to water!

    1. Dogs have thick fur and they have some sort of insulation built into their skin so they should be ok with you in the sea (in the summer obviously because you would probably get hypothermia in the winter

    1. Thank you for this, I’m so proud of my dog and myself, my dog did this following theses instructions, again thank you… i will start doing the clean your paws next! Warm greetings. Here is the official link:

    1. That’s so sweet about 2 years ago I was suffering from really bad depression and anxiety. My mom had signed me up for homeschool so I was home almost all day. I wouldn’t get out of bed and I had zero motivation. So I started to look at dog videos and my sister in law had left her dog with me a beautiful Maltipoo. She was quite older but I loved her to cuddle bcs she was so calm. But sadly my brother and my sister in law moved to a home where they could keep her. I was completely destroyed. But one day my parents surprised me with a puppy. Who I names Koby he was the complete opposite of my sister in law’s dog. He loved socializing and playing so much he wouldn’t let me cuddle him which I was a little upset about. But he loved children and people over all so I slowly became more social bcs he kinda forced me to. I got a routine bcs I had to potty train him which took forever. He’s now a cuddler lol. He’s the best gift I’ve gotten in my entire life bcs without him I probably wouldn’t be me. So I really do hope you get a puppy or a dog. Sadly, my parents don’t know much so they bought him from a breeder rather than a rescue. But I’ve showed them about the difference but do whatever is best for you!

  2. I live in the middle of nowhere and on a farm so he roams around freely and he loves going down to the river and having a swim and he was never taught to he’s a godamn natural

    1. This is A bad name I would love to live in a farm near a river. I have 3 dogs and my dream is for us (me and my family) to get a farm house. I hope I get to live in one soon. Im 14 btw (:

  3. I discovered this YT Channel 1 week ago and i’m like addicted to it xD
    Can’t wait to get to finish my studies, getting a job and having a dog omg

  4. I grew up with 2 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, when they saw watertight was nearly impossible to hold them back 😂😂
    My current dog absolutely hates water

  5. The first thing to teach after getting comfortable in the water is how to get out through the stairs. Put treats or a toy near the stairs at first. After a few practice runs they know how to get out themselves without panic.

  6. my dad threw my dog into a lake when she was young trying to get her used to it and she’s hated water ever since but i want her to do dock diving

  7. I really enjoy watching these video’s. Zak you explain everything so clearly and shows us that it’s not just a thing to teach your dog to love swimming, but that it takes time and love.
    My dog (3 years old) doesn’t really like water in another way than drinking it. We adopted it from an animal shelter so I guess his former bosses did anything with swimming.
    2 weeks after adoption I trained my dog to stand in his dogpool with 4 paws. All it took was 15 minutes and lots of joy and encouragement. I even showed him with my own hand in the water that it was safe. It felt really good to see him so happy about it. Now, he still doesn’t swim, but I’m alowed to splash some water to him.
    I somehow used the same method as Zak did (without knowing) and it works, as long as the dog has fun.
    Thanks Zak! You’re my favorite dog trainer!!

  8. Can’t wait to try this with my dog, we rescued her as a middle-aged dog and her previous owner didn’t take her out much so getting her to try new experiences has been a challenge. We’ll make a lake dog out of her one day! Thanks for the vid!

    1. How did it go? Baby steps are ok especially when older…that’s where they can be like us humans, a little set in our ways lol hope it’s going well. 🙂

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