How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash

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73 Comments on “How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash”

    1. Ooo that’s rough. Don’t let Your dog win by picking it up, use verbal commands like “come on” and acts like you’re gonna go run to motivate them to walk. If hey are being stubborn, refrain from harnesses because they can put all their weight into it to keep from moving. Use a martingale collar or a traditional British slip lead so your dog can’t back out and then you can kinda pull your dog ahead and get them to move again

    2. Eddie Castrejon try having a nice snack award at the end of each block to her a goal orientation to succeed. Phase out the goal reward and she won’t notice she’s been tricked.

    3. @Jamietard3 Walk with a friend who has a dog. A lot of problems disappear when your pup has an audience, or a much loved team mate. I would take the neighbor’s dog with me for walks alot of the time. My female dog had two best friends, a golden X red setter and a half wolf X German Shepherd. They both were crazy, but gentled right out with a friend to run with.

    4. For every1 having this problem just but a prong and tug lightly sames with puppys I know alot of people think prong collars are mean but they really not and your dog will get used to it

    1. 1 dog wasn’t to bad walking … but got a bigggg..puppy that is 70 pounds already and I cant hold him back at the other dog is wanting g to run again….I feel bad not trai I g them properly from the start

    2. try the bravo walk… my husky literally pulls every time when I open the door and feels like a nightmare walking him! I also give him treats sometimes when he tries to pull but goes back to me haha

    1. @Paula D Many years ago, I pooped in the wood. Suddenly two women with a dog are comming. She said: Please dig in your poop, because the dog will eat it. Was this a joke, or is this correct.

    2. I use a mini educator to train my dogs and they are very safe.. works like a charm! For walking, I use the bravo walk because it’s automatic and no remotes needed, works just like the mini educator but is more cheaper… A lot of people don’t like ecollars but if you give positive reinforcement together with the e-collar the dog will disciplined and my relationship with my dog has gotten even better.

    1. Youtube Passerby It worries me that a possible 8 year old (at this point) little kid is making jokes about sex. What is wrong with today’s generation?

    1. In my opinion, the dogs respond very well to his body language. He knows what he’s doing and in way, he can kind of communicate with the dogs through body language and tone. It’s basically when people refer to as a “dog whisperer”. He just knows how to handle dogs really well. You’d be surprised. A lot of a dogs behaviors depend on your body language!

  1. I started teaching a stray two days ago using your method. It has been working really well!

    If you have suggestions for introducing a dog to cats that would be helpful.

  2. That dog was too easy bro. Nothing like a determined puller I was expecting. Could you do a video with a strong and really determined puller? Thanks for all your vids

    1. If your dog is pulling then you have to take time to step back and train in a less distracting environment like inside your house or in the backyard

    1. I adopted 2 huskies from the shelter 3 months ago. They are both 2 year old plus. I already see improvements with daily training. Don’t give up! It can be done! Get help if needed. Huskies are great as family dogs, and go out on hikes with. Good luck 👍🏼

  3. 😮😮I’m glad you guys are enjoying the video! Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! @zakgeorge Download the app and follow me there! I’m very active on instagram! I do live shows and post new videos all of the time!

    1. I am curious what you have to say about the fact that bribing a dog with food is a questionable strategy also. Dog treats are highly processed cancer sticks. If you’re going to do this, get an apple, slice it and use that!
      If you make your dog fat, that is probably worse than using a choke chain or shock collar. I’ve seen the results of your technique with lazy owners. That’s how you end up with a diabetic dog!

    2. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution It would be beneficial if you worked with a dog that is legitimately untrained. That dog can do the Wistminster Dog show she’s so well behaved. If the dog doesn’t look in your eye like you demonstrated in beginning should you lift her head? Force her to look? When you’re successful then tape that. Move on. Showing a fully trained dog already doesn’t help the average person who is trying to do it from scratch. But thanks for the try.

    3. my 4 mos old pyre can probably finish a bag of treats in one walk. how much treat can you give? my dog wont listen without a treats. please advice. thank you

    4. i actually trained my rottwiler pupy by your advices and watching your vedieos thanks…and also i have subscribed to your youtube chanel..thanks a lot again

    1. @Anna cute savage like I barely taught my dog to jump, and he still scrapes my fingers with his teeth when he gets teats even when I give him enough space not to

    2. @Ricardo Ronco 😂 funny how I can relate to this, though all my dogs know how to do is jump… And it annoying because they keep scratching my body with their clause and pushing me backwards…. Now I avoid them🤣, sadly my family thinks I developed a fear for my dogs🤣

  4. I know this video won’t help me when the dog he is training can sit there and stare at him while he talks to the camera. My dog would be trying to chase every squirrel and smell every tree choking herself out doing wheelies if I stood there that long…

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