How To Teach your Puppy to Heel

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61 Comments on “How To Teach your Puppy to Heel”

    1. I like how you are applying the techniques in the video. You used positive reinforcement/ praise by complimenting him and then you gave him a treat by subscribing.

    1. It’s working when he was young and hungry for a short walk like 30 metres. If walking long distance like 3 kms there will be very tough to make him heel all the time that against his nature. Of course that depends on the breed. To ensure him eat kibbles i had to minimize the amount of treats. Very hard effort. It works I mean but don’t expect dogs heel all the time unless they are old enough 🤣

  1. you should do some real time training videos to see how long it actually takes to make the progress your looking for. Great vids tho amazing training

  2. I love how you mentioned that dogs can heel on the right or the left. Some people/trainers are soooo strict about it being on the left. I’m left handed, so personally I prefer my service dog in training to heel on my right to leave my left hand open and free. Even if some people don’t see it as a “proper” heel.

    1. withUonPlanetE I’m not concerned about us being “proper” as service dogs don’t need to meet show dog standards. And for us “heel” and “close” are two different commands so I can’t use them interchangeably.

      For us, heel is just behind my leg.
      Close is a tuck against my leg with a bent body (in situations where my dog needs to get out of the way of others) Close is very uncomfortable to stay in for long and isn’t very practical when walking as we’d step all over each other 😂 We only use it when people are passing with shopping carts.

    2. I’m right handed but now it’s just habit to walk on my right because he is a STRONG puller and I’ve decided to really try and work on it with him, he’s showing so much progress in other things though! Recall, hold, sit, lay down, I got him to lay down when he was all gussied up!(ISNT social, but my dad and I are talking about it and ways to overcome it!(note. My mom died after 5 months of having him so we were grieving and you know how people love to ask you and try you comfort you and all that bleehhhh, so we stayed home… ALOT.. and (I hated him) so he didn’t get socialized properly. But now I realized what happened wasn’t his fault, so I learned to love him, fake it till you make it! You know the saying!) I’m also teaching him in between(go in between my legs) so that if any thing goes wrong I can calm him down with that(hopefully),

  3. I never taught my pup to heal . I just trained him to stay beside me at all times on leash/in public because is a Lab, Great Dane mix and is going to be huge. Its just easier to train them to walk beside you in the first place, in my opinion.

  4. Teaching an AKK to heel is pretty impressive. Keeping them focused on YOU is so challenging. I’ve had two that were hopeless pullers, but now I have a 16 week old red and white that I am really working with to be more polite on leash…. Also, his name is Mr. Peregrin Took (aka Pippin), soooooo Imma need that collar immediately if not sooner.

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