How to Teach your Puppy to Listen When they Won’t!

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52 Comments on “How to Teach your Puppy to Listen When they Won’t!”

  1. Could you make a video on how to work with a nervous dog? Like how to help them get over fears of things they come in contact with often? My dog is terrified of belts and trash bags.

    1. These techniques will not build confidence in your dog. You must find a way to give your dog clear and concise direction when they are in state of anxiety. Anxious dogs typically do not respond to food when in an anxious state. If you want to use this method to get your dog like the ones he displays in his videos, you will likely be working diligently every day for over a year. Which is why I say it won’t work. most people don’t have time or patience to be persistent enough for these methods to provide results in any timely manner. Find a trainer that can show proof of results. Attend group classes once your dog understands how to engage with you and listen when anxious. I guess all I’m trying to get at is you will need assistance from trained professional, not some phony give your dog a treat and they’ll be fixed bs

    2. Hey my dog was like that. Try to just work thru it. Don’t listen to these ppl in the replies. I used his techniques and I swear they worked so well. After that I swear by this guy and his techniques. My dog was abused and beat before he was rescued. So he was scared by things like brooms , vacuums , and belts. He was also scared of chains. Zak has a couple videos out that I personally used to get him past his nervousness. The other thing I did was leave the thing he was scared of in a common room. Not his room but one we went thru often. Eventually he got used to it. I would do training sessions in that room everyday. And every couple weeks we’d move closer and closer. Don’t look for fast results , look for great results. I hope that helps. Please don’t listen to the other ppl that replied. Don’t try to get really fast results. Work at your dogs pace. Hope that helped. Remember smile. Joyful ppl are the most beautiful.

  2. I have a husky puppy the same age!!! Wow what great timing for this video! Please do more with husky pups. They are so difficult to train.

    1. Kaylee Finley thanks for replying so quickly, mine is only 11 pounds at 10 weeks, I don’t have any official information about him but I don’t know if he is at a healthy weight, or the guy we bought him from is just a lier

    2. +Joe Doherty Puppies grow at their own rate. He’ll probably have a growth spurt before you know it, and then you’ll miss his small puppy stage

  3. I really struggle getting and keeping my dogs attention when out on walks and it can be so frustrating! Guess I’ll just have to be more patient and do this slowly!

    1. Matias Flores wth nice hard smack why would you do that I have anger issues and yes my 9 week old puppy doesn’t listen but even when I get upset I don’t give it a “nice” hard smack your poor dog deserves better

  4. Storm is absolutely gorgeous 💖 💖 💖 💖 loved the wee cheeky bark, puppies are awesome, dogs are awesome!!! 😂 😂 😂

  5. I just love how she does the math in her little head when he puts the treat down “if I grab it, it will be great, but if I don’t, I’ll get more treats” hahaha, such an adorable baby!

  6. I think this video is especially important for those new dog owners out there. I remember getting frustrated when my dog would not listen out of the house, but with effort and by going out of your way to allow them to get used to the world they will eventually look to you for guidance and listen.

  7. You know zak george when i watching your vid i was imagine that im teaching my own dog and i really excited because my gramdma will give me a dog and i will watch your vid so that i will know how to teach my dog im feeling good and nice thanks ZAK GEORGE you change my life thank you very much i didn’t know how to thank you to you thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you for this, I’m so proud of my dog and myself, my dog did this following theses instructions, again thank you… i will start doing the clean your paws next! Warm greetings. Here is the official link:

  8. When he says to reteach your dog in different places… I taught my dog to sit on the carpet… I took him on the hard wood and I had to reteach it! You are such a great trainer!!!!!

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