How to train Come when Called to a puppy when you are COMPLETELY LOST in North America!

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31 Comments on “How to train Come when Called to a puppy when you are COMPLETELY LOST in North America!”

  1. Yes you can… I am a disabled single women that lives in a camper trailer with my mix breed large service dog. I am successfully training him in and out of our temporary home. Remember it is a small space they still need a space in or out of the trailer to express the “ZOOMIES”.
    Just KNOW that there WILL be Arguments, and dominance will be challenged at some point. The KEY is exercise, exercise is a must for any dog in training and or a dog that lives in a smaller

  2. Hi Zak! My dog tends to lunge and growl when startled. We now have an older dog too, who he does this to when our older dog puts any kind of weight on him or startles him in any way. Just wondering if you had any advice for this 🙂

  3. Thanks for another great video! I love how you guys show us the reality side of dog training instead of being perfect at everything. This way is so much more helpful and makes me feel less incompetent when training my dogs. Looking forward to your next travel stop!

  4. What a great adventure. This is my biggest dream, travelling in an RV with my dogs.
    Did I see it right that both your dogs have a gps tracker? Very smart.
    I’m looking forward to the rest of your trip. Enjoy!!!

  5. I’m loving this series so far! It’s really interseting how the dogs behave in this environment. I do have one question tho: how are you going to work on Veronica’s separation anxiety, since you live in such a small space? Thank you, and good luck on you journey!☺️

  6. My 1.5 year old dog got out of our yard for the first time (and hopefully last time!). It was about 15 minutes before I realized it and had no idea which direction he could have gone. I walked down the street calling his name and after about 5 minutes (7 or 8 houses away) he came running out of some bushes and straight to me. Your constant reminders of how important it is to always praise when your dog comes was life saving. He thought coming to me was more exciting than his adventure at that point. Thank you!

  7. Loved this episode! Inertia has turned out so well. It was really helpful to see your challenges with come when called and the bath. It’s so easy to get frustrated, so seeing how to approach it with a distracted dog was useful and reassuring. Also the importance of keeping good humor 🙂

  8. Okay, my final guesses on Veronica’s breeds, Duck tolling retriever(maybe), Chihuahua, Papillion(maybe), and Border Collie. I’m so curious to see her embark results.

    1. Duck tolling retrievers are an extremely rare breed. Even more so in Veronica’s native Mexico. I would suggest that if you notice that quality as part of her breed mix, it’s more likely to be a Golden Retriever.

  9. I wasn’t sure how I’d like this series when it first started, but I’m happy to say I’m loving it so far. It’s good to go on your adventure vicariously and see how the dogs react to the small space. It’s also fun to see Inertia being a “real” dog (barking at something she sees). Don’t get me wrong, Inertia is wonderful and you’ve done a superb job training her! But it’s nice to see that even the best trained dogs are still dogs–not little hairy robots. Too often, I think people expect their dogs to be just that–little hairy robots who aren’t really “dogs”.

    1. Definitely. I promise that even the most “trained dogs “still bark when we are trying to relax or do other things! They are definitely dogs! We have to be empathetic and fair to them and let them be who they are!

  10. Did you guys like the Inertia updates in this episode? How do you think she’s doing?? I know some of you have been watching her since she was 8 weeks old!! 🤯

  11. We have been having so much fun trying to guess Veronica’s breed mix!!! Feel free to log your guess below! We’ll reveal her breed once one of you correctly guesses the top 3… or maybe sooner or later HAHA!

  12. What a great series! I appreciate all the detail you are providing. I have an 18-month-old Aussiedoodle I’m continuing to train on come when called. You reminded me of the importance of daily training and always having treats.

  13. Veronica is doing great coming to you & the bath was pretty good! You & your wife are so adorable together!!!! My Staffie when he was puppy used to bark at the train, I have train tracks about three miles from here!!!!!

  14. I like this series. I just finished watching the Chop story and as someone who has been studying canine behavior for over 20 years and is 1&1/2 years into a rehab of a fear aggressive dog, who is a level 4 biter, whos issues were CREATED by improper handling by past owners and past trainers who were uneducated and used aversive methods, I wanted to THANK YOU for clearly explaining in your videos why the aversive methods don’t work. There are too many trainers and others in the dog care industry (such as vets, technicians, groomers, shelter workers, etc.) who use methods that actually create aggression and/or escalate it due to lack of training in behavior. THANK YOU for creating this platform to educate!!!!

  15. I’m really enjoying this series. I really love the rescue dog series but this a nice change of pace. Maybe not forever, but really nice for now. I like the updates on Inertia too. I’m looking forward tp to finding out Veronica’s DNA I hate to even venture a guess because I haven’t guessed breeds on smaller dogs too often,, but as a really unlikely guess, I’d say maybe she has some Sheltie in her.

  16. Well… it’s good to know that even a really well trained dog can still do dog things 😂 I always kick myself when my model citizen of a dog has her rough patches.

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