How To Train a Dog When They’re JUST NOT GETTING IT (By Far, the MOST FRUSTRATING PART of Training!)

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21 Comments on “How To Train a Dog When They’re JUST NOT GETTING IT (By Far, the MOST FRUSTRATING PART of Training!)”

  1. The struggle is sooooooooo real! Zak, yes is amazing and we all know it. However, I have a new puppy and can relate to Bree!! Thanks for sharing. Also with the RV, maybe in the future, we can get a Zak George 911 where he travels to help train all over the US!

  2. Smores?? Haven’t had a smore in too long so I need to make one! Beautiful scenery and great dog training lesson. It’s nice to see Bree training–that’s reality. A professional dog trainer knows what to do and when to do it and will make it look easy. It isn’t always easy. And mistakes will happen (professional dog trainer or not). It’s good to see a non-professional train. And of course I love to see Zak train, too. And it’s nice to see a dog that isn’t a Border Collie. No offense to Border Collies–they are beautiful dogs and exceptionally intelligent and trainable. More so than a lot of other breeds. It’s sometime a struggle with a dog that isn’t a Border Collie while a Border Collie makes it look easy. I’ve never had a Border Collie and it’s so nice to see a “regular” dog being trained.

  3. My Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Gucci, is very distractible. We live in an area that is remote. There’s not really a place to train her in our house. I take her for walks on gravel roads that are tree line. She has very keen senses and is attracted to any sounds and movement. She reminds me of Veronica. I’ve purchased your book and follow your training videos on my laptop. I know that you move through training quickly and that it takes a while for dogs to generalize. Also, I’m clicker training. Gucci’s just over a year old and probably going through adolescence. She learns quickly, but we’re behind on completing each session. Am I being too much of a perfectionist?

  4. Great success ! Veronica seemed to have understood , tthat touching the mark means a treat . 😄👍
    Bree , You look so great on that trip ! 🤩 Veronica seems to fill You up with her activity energy .🐕

  5. LOL I just came back from the park with my reactive dog. It’s been a year and “screw it” is exactly how I felt. Then he gave me those Frenchie puppy dog eyes and remembered how far he had come.

  6. Keep it up with the good work Bree,I had to train my dog all alone when I was 12 with no experience,it can be frustrating at times but it’s all worth it in the end!😊

  7. I really appreciate the honesty here. Sometimes training a dog as an amateur can feel like dancing with 2 left feet. You know what you’re supposed to do but actually executing it can be really hard. I also liked that this video shows how training isn’t linear, and just because a dog gets something on one day doesn’t mean it will stick to the next day…and that it’s okay to have to re-teach and go back to fundamentals.

    1. Yes! This! Working with my 4 month old foxhound mix and this video helped me feel a lot better about our progress! Much more helpful than just showing the good moments!

  8. Hi Zak and Bree.
    The best thing that happened to this channel is having Bree training Veronica, learning how to train Veronica and all that that entails. What used to get me very frustrated about this channel and a lot of YouTube dog trainers is they only show you the finished perfect response that the dog gives. they don’t show you the blood sweat and Tears that goes into training a dog like Veronica. Who’s Young and excitable and curious and all the things a puppy should be. So I never could learn really much by watching YouTube videos of dog trainers. Yeah so you show us the finished product and then I’ll say well can you show us the dog doing it wrong and how you would correct that and how you would work with that to make it the proper response. And the answer I always get is well you need to go back to where the dog could do it perfectly and start lowering your criteria and then build back up. A dog never does anything wrong it’s just that you’re asking too fast for too much. And on it goes. With positive reinforcement training it gets to be too tedious too many little tiny steps for me. So thank you so much Bree for being in all the videos showing what you’re going through the kind of frustrations you’re finding and conquering. It’s more realistic it’s what people really encounter and I appreciate you guys willing to take a turn in the channel like you have. By the way the places you stop are always beyond gorgeous. Thank you! 🐾🐾

  9. Bree, and Zach.. I am glad I have found your channel… As I watched this episode I could relate to Bree. I was hitting a wall in training. To clarify I have been training my service dog (Austrian Sheppard and Leopard hound mix ( I Think)). She is like having a luxury car compared to my other dog. My other dog is known by many names my favorite is maligator. Yep the sports car of dogs, the Lamborghini on crack, she is a Malinois. I was having a play time with my dogs when I realized I could just see the training and how it was coming together thru non objective eyes. I could see it all coming together, as Bree realized what she was seeing and re-energized her.

  10. I love how real Bree is! Training a puppy, when it’s not your usual job or you have life going on around you is very overwhelming! I’m not only training our 7 month old GSD puppy, but also training my family the best way to help and not hinder the training I’m doing! I don’t know what I would do without these videos and Zak’s other training resources!

  11. Btw I think you’re both doing insanely well. You are so patient and understanding with Veronica and she’s lucky to have you. It’s not easy having a reactive dog, but you guys know how much better things will get soon.

  12. We just started learning to bring our dog to our side in our obedience class. I’m already nervous to see how my dogs respond to commands next to me vs. in front of me but I know it’s going to make our communication even stronger.

  13. Hi I’m Savannah and I have watched evey video you guys have ever made.You guys have inspired me to become a dog trainer. I have a great experience with dogs and love them so much I even practice your training techniques with my dog and they have worked fantastically . I love the work you and Bree do you guys are doing great progress with Veronica. Keep up the great work.

  14. playing with your dog is always the best way to go when training. As it should be fun for both dog and owner/trainer. Also I’d recommend using the Focus Cue.

  15. Thank you for showing the frustrating moments! It makes you more relatable and makes us regular folks feel better about are progress! I have a 4 month old foxhound mix and feel like I am failing but she is almost exactly the same as Veronica and I feel better now! 😂

  16. Seeing Bree struggle is just such a relatable and encouraging thing. When Zak does the training, sometimes it just makes me feel like I’m failing or not capable because he’s just so good at it. Knowing that Bree has a professional dog trainer who she spends day in and day out with and still struggles with figuring out how to communicate with her dog and seems to quite clearly be doubting whether or not she’s making any progress makes me realize that like, “Oh, yeah, it isn’t just some magical ‘Zak quality’ that Bree could absorb through osmosis. He’s just had years of practice.” Like, it’s doable. I just need more practice.

  17. Hi Zak, you’ve been a huge help and source of inspiration to train my new Border Collie puppy who’s currently 14 weeks old, and she even fell in love with the Frisbee at first sight, you’d be jealous ;). But there’s one thing I worry about, being a Canadian, winter is fast approaching, and I’m worried about how to maintain her outdoor training during those frosty days. And when the snow starts to pile up, it’ll be significantly harder to do our training we normally do on grass. I was wondering if you have any tips and tricks on how to maintain a good training and exercise regiment for winter? 🙂

  18. Love seeing Bree work with Veronica because most of us can relate to not being a pro trainer.

    What’s the point of the mark training though. And what happens if you need to change the mark? Wouldn’t she only go to that specific mark and not others?

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