How To Train a Stubborn Dog

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65 Comments on “How To Train a Stubborn Dog”

  1. Stubborn Dog? One word: D A C H S H U N D !

    I’ve got two, they’ve learnt a lot with your techniques, but yes, they are stubborn! 🙂

  2. I may not be able to, be my dream has always been to own an animal shelter. Your videos are really inspiring me to live my dream when I get older. I may be only 11, but I know that this is what I want and you are helping me achieve that. Thank you so much.

    1. @JDoll THANK YOU! AGREED! I’ve no idea why people are like this. It’s so encouraging to see kids being excited to do great things for the world in their future. Why can’t that just make people happy?? SMH…….

    1. @Nayda Colunga To be stubborn is to be spiteful or turn down a determination of one person’s giving or attitude. But, yes. It can also be a synonymous relation to lazy…

    2. My dog is SUPER LAZY and SUPER ENERGETIC at the same time! When I try to train him when he’s lazy, he’ll just ignore and sleep. When I try to train him when he’s too energetic, He’ll just hop on me and chew on my clothes. 😭

    3. I wish I had your dog, my dog is so energetic. Literally been running for like 30 mins straight and still not tired like wtf I’m suppose to be walking my dog but instead my dog is walking me

    1. I don’t know what this trainers idea of stubborn is if he thinks the dachshund isn’t stubborn. Not motivated enough without treats yet.

  3. 😭 my puppy wouldnt listen during my first attempt which was expected

    But he got in my closet during the night, and ate his whole treat bag

    1. Do you wanna hear something even worse. We bought expensive cake for our family . But we kept the cake on the dining table. After we came to check the cake the box is empty.
      We were very puzzled and shocked. My dauchshund had cream all over his face. My dauchshund was the culprit!! He ate the vanilla cake.( Thankfully My family hates chocolate cake .
      Because if we bought chocolate cake my dauchshund would have died) 😭

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