How to Train the MOST IMPORTANT Thing to Any Dog [REALITY DOG TRAINING EP: 15]

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21 Comments on “How to Train the MOST IMPORTANT Thing to Any Dog [REALITY DOG TRAINING EP: 15]”

  1. Zak can’t wait for new series!!!! it is so amazing to watch shelter dogs been so good. I hope George get best owner because he deserves it.

  2. OMG it makes me laugh so much to see George’s reaction when you throw the baseballs out one by one. He can hardly contain himself. Its very funny. Love him.

  3. OMG this episode is another one of my favorite videos of George! He is doing soooo well with those baseballs! He is such a super smart dog! Your patience with him is so wonderful to see! Can’t wait to see the next video! So glad you both could go out for a night out and enjoy yourselves!

  4. Love the juggling around 9 minutes! He’s gonna need work but damn isn’t he smart. I would advocate another month with you folks, knowing that it might be tough on you.

  5. I got two dogs, I don’t know what I would’ve done without this series, I’m trying everything I learn with my dogs, and I can see tons of progress, thanks a lot.

  6. I was so pleased to see George chillin whilst you were out. So sweet having a good kip.
    Amazing how George is containing his ball obsession. What a dog!!! Mind you, what a trainer!! 😍👍

  7. what’s amazing with him is that even when he does break focus and go for a ball, he reacts incredibly well to a no or a leave it. even without physical control, he’ll generally recognize that he needs to regain control and will do it.

  8. The reason George probably has a positive association with his food bowl is because it makes him happy. There’s a lot of shelter dogs who will carry or sleep with their food bowls because they associate it with food, which makes them happy, so they see the bowl as a happy and positive thing. Dog psychology 😭❤️

  9. Awww such a good “man” George!! I have more and more anxiety each time you post a new video with George because I keep thinking the day is going to come when he’s gone and I’m going to be a mess 😪 I guess you’re not the only one who gets attached lol

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