How To Train the World’s EASIEST Trick & Training My OWN DOG to STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING!

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26 Comments on “How To Train the World’s EASIEST Trick & Training My OWN DOG to STOP BARKING at EVERYTHING!”

  1. I was literally just looking up videos of how to train my dog to stop barking when I got this notification lol great timing Zak 👍

  2. Good discussion. When is barking good or bad? Guard dogs are great but after you have confirmed there is no longer a threat how do you get them to stop. I just go to what they are barking at and say thank you and it’s okay. Also now my dog barks at strong smells which is good as our stove was leaking gas.

  3. Súper interesting episode. My dogs love to watch out the window- while the positive reinforcement works best- I’ve combined it with shutting the curtain while they bark and open it when they stop- therefore teaching them positive behavior is rewarded with the open curtains. But would you consider that punitive?

    1. Technically, that is “punishment”. It’s called “negative punishment”. The goal of “punishment” is to reduce a behavior’s frequency, duration, power, or whatever. “Negative” means you take something away from the animal. So “negative punishment” is when you take something good away from the dog (the view from the open curtains) to reduce an unwanted behavior (punishment with barking being the unwanted behavior). So, technically, while this is punishment it is used by positive trainers along with positive reinforcement. It’s kind of like grounding your teen-ager when he or she misses their curfew without calling with some reason (like I had to take my date to the hospital and that’s where I am now, I’ve called her/his parents, I’ll wait here with them if that’s okay…). It’s okay to use in combination with positive reinforcement, but you don’t want to rely on it entirely. Most positive trainers do use negative punishment with positive reinforcement, as I said, just use it sparingly.

  4. My dogs have a strong reaction to the stay command. I yell stay (so they can hear me over their barking) and they stop barking and look at me. They also don’t run out the door when I open it as they are staying. I used Zak’s stay videos to teach them to stay!

  5. I love the real time training. It shows that they don’t always get it right away. Watching magic training videos are so discouraging for people who’s dogs don’t get it after the first training session!

    1. That is my main “beef” about animal training videos. They use a dog that already knows the behavior (so of course the dog “catches on” right away) or they edit the video so that it makes it look like either (a) they are some super trainer or (b) the dog is a genius. Makes the rest of us feel stupid and awkward. That’s what I like about Zak’s videos. He shows real dogs that don’t already know the behavior and he isn’t afraid to show the dog’s “learning curve” and any mistakes he may make.

  6. Started watching your channel to get ready for my pitbull puppy (never had a dog before, but my wife has) Thank you for continuing to make videos while you’re traveling!!! So helpful

  7. Needed this last week. We were on vacation and our bullterrier kept barking to everyone. Went early home because people were getting scared. And it’s such sweet dog

  8. I read the feedback that people gave on your Community Post for your last video and I can tell that you both worked so hard to take that into account. It really shows how much you value your subscribers’ input and I think you did a fantastic job. I love all of your content so I’m a fan for life (you taught me and my dog everything we know) and we watch and love everything you post. I’m just really impressed how you asked for feedback and then took some constructive (and if we’re being honest some not-so-constructive) criticism and created something fantastic with it. You guys rock! Also, I love seeing Bree become more and more at home in front of the camera. She is delightful, relatable, and really funny (especially in this episode!) Keep up the great work! 💜

  9. I love how you guys provide tons of examples of what you do as you’re talking about them. Rewarding the quick breaks, the dogs acknowledging you, how goods build up to yeses; so helpful. I’m not a first time dog owner but just adopted a dog who loves to bark and I’ve been struggling with what to do. There are so many videos with different techniques but I appreciate how you highlight small wins and consistency.

  10. Thank you both for the awesome videos! What a great life experience!

    Miska and I are almost at a year and it hasn’t been easy between one of the coldest winters on record in SEAK (at least 1in of ice EVERYWHERE for over a month) to covid… three times. Yes. Three. We’ve missed months of training. 😞

    Your videos are the perfect motivation just when I feel like giving up…. a friendly reminder to get back on the horse with patience and consistency and lots and lots of treats.

    Bree, I am ashamed to admit how often I have just given crumbs to my pup. But if it works? 🤣

  11. Re commercial: haha 🙂
    I love the organic training sessions in this video. I’ve never seen any other training video take place on the bench seat of an RV or next to a grainery. It’s encouraging to see that training can happen anywhere, and that it’s okay if immediate success doesn’t happen.
    Very dramatic ending…coyotes, police, and human heads, lol

  12. I *love* the Bree & Veronica Show! SO GOOD. Thank you for the barking tps and for showing real, actual training.

    +1 for Inertia making the most of Veronica’s training!

  13. Is part of the idea to do a “train the trainer” series? That’d be awesome! I found myself paying more and more attention to @Zak’s techniques during training. I’m not just talking about how to train a dog, but the way you hold your hand while teaching something. Some of those very specific very granular portions that a very experienced person wouldn’t know otherwise. Training somebody how to be a dog trainer is a great opportunity to get in a lot more of those details. We love some more Bree face time!

  14. Veronica is so cute! I’m thoroughly enjoying this style of video with the training aspects still mixed in, it’s great to have real world examples of opportunities you use for training etc. Thanks to you I have starting clicker training with one of my cats, I know not quite a dog but she is super food motivated.

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