How to Train your Dog to Come When Called

How to train your dog to come when called!

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46 Comments on “How to Train your Dog to Come When Called”

  1. I like that you don’t edit out when it doesn’t go well like with the bowl of treats! Cause that’s what’s likely to happen with us non pros.

  2. Thank you for showing how to teach with just one person! All the “come when called” videos I’ve seen so far have required 2 people, and not all dog parents are in a 2 person household! It’s also so encouraging to have you say that dogs can be distracted for up to 30 minutes outdoors. I thought that my pup was doing super poorly with “look at me” when she would completely ignore treats in favor of sniffing the ground, but I guess she’s just a normal puppy! I constantly need to be reminded to stay positive and focus on long-term success over many months instead of expecting so much out of my pup so quickly. Your videos totally help with that!

    1. I just got my golden puppy yesterday, he’s 6 weeks and already knows sit and paw. He follows me, and I try to associate that with the words “Come here!” or, “Ben, come!” But he just doesn’t acknowledge noises 😂 I know he’s not deaf because he hears my music and his ears move when he hears something really loud, but he could care less about a squeaker toy, the neighbors chickens or all the birds singing. Over time as our bond gets stronger I’m sure he’ll grow out of this though.

    2. @Julia S Ah yes- I just started my first real-life training when covid 19 hit too… Well it sounds like she’s doing great at other stuff! Dont worry- there are ALL kinds of training ideas that can help with this and all kinds of reasons our dogs don’t do certain things! If you google “how to teach your dog recall” it will give you lots of good leads… Zak here is awesome! One little thing you can do is whenever your dog is ALREADY running toward you, you can say “come!” and then reward with excitement, affection, food, etc. That’s just one tip of lots 🙂 Anything by Patricia McConnell, Ian Dunbar, Nicole Wilde, Jean Donaldson, Sophia Yin, Susan Garrett, whole dog journal- those are all great resources using positive reinforcement and science-based training. It’s cool stuff! 😊 Hang in there- sounds like you’re making a lot of progress!

    1. How is it going? I’ve got a male rottweiler who’s 100% at home but as soon as we get out and about and hes lead is off hes like, ‘Yep’ ….. ‘Yolo’

  3. I trained my dog and she is very well behaved. Now I want to start helping other people train their dogs, so I am binge watching these videos, and I love them! Love the positive training👍

  4. OMG, CAN YOU BELIEVE HE’S 38 YEARS OLD?? I THOUGHT HE WAS LIKE A TEENAGER XXDDD. DANNGG… WTF XDD. And why are the subtitles in Polish lol. Btw, I’ve been wandering what his ethnicity is. Is he Polish? I guess I’m into Polish people now then! He’s still looking good <3

  5. I just adopted a 8 week Borador puppy, so this video was very helpful! As you people probably know, Border Collies are very hyper! My new pups dad was a purebred Border Collie and her mum is a black lab.

  6. Not only one of my dogs doesn’t come to me when called, she actually starts to avoid me and run away from me, because she knows it’s time to go back home. And my dogs spend almost 3 hours a day off the leash in the park.

  7. I’m almost finishing the playlist A step by step guide to teaching your dog or puppy, and I’m ready to watch the next one about the tricks, so I can practice with my doggie 🤗

  8. My chocolate lab puppy literally sits when I call him and he just stares at me…. Boy does he know how to test my patience lol. Hes such a sweet puppy but we have some work to do. Thanks Zak for the video!

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