How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

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How to Stop Jumping:

Teaching your dog to walk without pulling can be one the most challenging parts of training a dog! While every dog is different there are some basic concepts that you should know. In this video, Nina the 6 month old LA-SPCA rescue dog, learns how to walk nicely on the leash and I'll demonstrate how simple it is to teach a dog without using a prong collar, choke chain or shock collar.

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82 Comments on “How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!”

  1. Really helpful video…. great trainer. Showing how you actually work with the dog was brilliant! I really want to help my dog and focus on what he does right, but I get so frustrated when I don’t know what to do.

    1. I just stomp those bitches. Ever since my father left me to my own devices in the Russian Taiga with a plastic spoon and a food stamp, which were common back in Soviet Cuba, I learned that these majestic creatures respond well to foot induced pain. It’s crazy to think that what Trump, Hilary and Cruz is good, but applying rapid pressure through a heavy 50lbs leg is bad. I mean, really, my father might have been a dead beat alcoholic that dragged me by my undersized human harness, but at least he taught me the importance of leash and crate training early on. We didn’t even have a dog.

      Bush + Jews = 9/11.

    2. I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover obedience training dog try Magonsi Clever Canine Expert (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got great results with it.

    1. If you had actually watched the video, you would realize that the treat is only given at the start of the training process. It is weaned off, and getting to keep walking without being interrupted becomes the treat in itself for the dog. If you still have to give the dog a treat every time it sits for you a month into the training, you didn’t do it right. The trainer here didn’t even treat the dog every time. She sits, she makes eye contact, and he lets her resume walking with him. He then used the treat again when they moved on to a more distracting environment. The treating will wean off there, too.

  2. I have been on you tube for ten years and I still forget to use it for good information. I wish I had seen this before my girlfriend’s dog damaged my arm with its constant pulling!

    1. You think their hasn’t been videos everywhere on YouTube from real dog trainers on how to walk dogs? I’m on this channel just for laughs because this guy is a joke.

    1. I’ve seen those eyes before in people with amphetamine addictions, it’s the first thing I noticed. Regardless, what he’s saying is spot on.

    2. @Sacha Jarvis I have uneven pupils and uveitis, meaning they’re always pin points and red,

      So people always presume Narcotics or smoking pot

      So you never know


    My neighbor’s dogs are really smart – a husky and a German shepherd – but they would bark a lot whenever they were bored, ie, if their owners would go away and leave them in the back yard. I imagine they were too smart to be left alone in the house, so out they go and it’s bark, bark, bark, hour after hour.

    Their barking was driving me up the wall, man. I mean, a husky is a loud dog. So is a shepherd. But the neighbors are really nice and were doing what they could, whenever they could, to keep them quiet, so I did not wish to make trouble for them.

    After talking to the owners, I bought a few bags of dog treats at 99c Only store. Occasionally, if they are being quiet, they’d each get one. I became their new friend. When I would tell them to be quiet, usually they would quiet down. I’d go by the fence and show them two treats, a few feet apart, one in front of each dog. Believe me, this would get their FULL ATTENTION. They could smell the garlic on these things and on my hands. Even I could!

    But sometimes, the shepherd would quiet down and the husky wouldn’t. I would sternly shout, “NO TREAT!!” at him.

    Sometimes he would keep barking anyway. Looking right at me. Like, “I’ll bark if I please. Screw you. And BTW, ROOFF! ROOFF!!”

    Oooh, this look would make me mad. So I’d go by the fence with two treats, held a few feet apart, one in front of each dog (as usual). But I would pass one through the fence for the shepherd and hold back the other one for the husky.


    So the shepherd gets a treat, but the husky gets nothing. I would sternly remind the husky, NO TREAT! Now he is looking at me like, “What?! You’re gonna do me like that?! Really?!”

    This seems to be working. He will sometimes shut up completely when he hears me yell ‘NO TREAT!’ I can even yell it from inside my house and he shuts up now.

    1. keanna patrice I don’t remember typing that comment at all 👀 but I can tell I never trained her and she still does it…. I do use a harness tho and she still finds a way to choke herself so for your benefit please try it!!!!!! Walking my dog is hell

    1. There are no bad dogs, only uneducated owners. Why does a dog pull? They naturally walk faster than us and the owner reinforces it by walking towards where the dog is going when they pull. Why is a dog reactive? The owner might not have socialized them or got them used to other animals. Most undesired behaviors a dog has, is because of the current or past owner. In some cases, it’s because of the enviroment the dog was/is in.

    2. Jayven Valladores me too. I’m trying to stop though because dogs don’t have fatty tissue or butt like we do. I just imagine being slapped on my bare muscle.

    1. @Siin0o ‘Sometimes’ man very time the lead is on my dog she is chocking herself, she keeps the lead tense all the time and if she sees another dog she goes berserk but really she just wants to play with them and I have never used those choker collars …etc I use those normal buckle collars, she is 12 now and at home she is a totally different dog, she is excellent with kids, I love her.

    2. Siin0o same. My dog (which is actually not even mine, he’s my brothers) is way too big for me and he drags me so when I try to slow him down he chokes but otherwise he would make me fall/he would run away if I let go.

  4. 😮😮I’m glad you guys are enjoying the video! Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! @zakgeorge Download the app and follow me there! I’m very active on instagram! I do live shows and post new videos all of the time!

    1. your videos have helped me and my furry babies so much! I’ve only been watching for a few days now and already the communication between us is so much better. I am discovering how smart my dogs are and I’m so proud!! I find training them so enjoyable and I’m really bonding with my puppy really well, he’s been stressing us out with his destructive behavior but now with training he’s becoming such a good boy!
      keep up the good work 🙂

    2. I found an abandoned dog. She’s part German Shepard, a beautiful girl. A few things I would like to correct are the tugging, I tried the a snack to distract her, BUT her whole body stiffens like a board and is SO focused and I just cannot get her to respond when she sees other dogs. She bites snacks out of hands, so not a gentle transition, and lastly…how can I reach her not to follow me everywhere…I feel terrible when shes asleep and I get up, she’s half asleep and…but no matter what I tell her, so he insists on following me.
      Help me help Gabby adjust better…overall she’s God sent perfect!

  5. Frustration is my weakness. I have 0 patience, I just want to enjoy walking with my dog but it always ends up with me being angry (I know its my fault) I get pulled left and right, And i end up ending the walk ten minutes into it becuase it becomes impossible and embarassing. I realize I just jumped into it and had high expectations that he would do it straight away when he is only a puppy and its our first time. Now I know its me who is causing the frustration, these videos are saving my life.

    1. I have same problem but my dog is so hyper about walking he doesn’t care about treats, toys or the person walking him. Just pissing on bushes and chasing after other dogs. It’s impossible to get his attention while walking. Any advice?

    2. Demolition playa I’m in the same boat ha ha! My dog shows little interest in anything but his destination or places to relieve himself. That being said the video said train at home first so take the time in your house with no distractions to help with getting them used to the training then take it outside. It will take weeks of trying to train them properly.

    3. MED that’s the problem, without distractions he is perfectly fine, I have taught him to not pull the lead anymore, he will do ANYTHING for chicken lol. Even when there is people walking around us. But when it comes to other dog he is pulling the lead or sometimes lays down waiting for dog (really cute) but when he sees another dog, he won’t even look at treats, chicken, anyone who calls him. He is a shih poo, so quite small. (Yappy 😂)

    1. What breed is the puppy?I have always wanted a puppy and at 15 they let me get a puppy but my mom didn’t like dogs and my dad didn’t like dogs either then I fell in love with labradors and did all the research I could do and after two months of nonstop begging and showing how great a dog is we finally ordered one his name is max and we got him at 8 weeks old and boy oh boy was he a handfull and now he is one years old and fully trained and my emotional support dog and this dog has changed our lives and my mom and dad love him to death dogs are amazing creatures remember to treat them with respect like you would treat a friend and learn to understand their body language just saying if u want a better dog trainer than zach George witch is trash and can’t even train his own dogs how to walk on a leash u want a better dog trainer search up Victoria stillwell on ehow pets and she will teach you all you need to know about training your dog and also give upstate k9 academy a try I hope this helps

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