How to Use a Kong Dog Toy – 90% of Behavior Problems Eliminated

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We love the work-to-eat toys that come in the Bullymake boxes

Classic Kong

Kong Extreme

PetSafe Barnacle

PetSafe Squirrel Dude

OurPets Atomic Ball

Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Cone
Chewy: (Chewy doesn't sell Ruffwear)

StarMark Chewball

Westpaw Quizl

OurPets Buster Cube


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About this video:
In this video Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training shows you how to use a kong dog toy so that it’s fast, easy and effective at solving 90% of the most common behavior problems. Crate training, potty training, barking, chewing, and even anxiety can all be addressed by teaching your dog to love their stuffed Kongs. Embracing simplicity, our approach isn’t just about Kong recipes, but focuses on teaching the dog to love the Kong so that it becomes an automatic training tool. Kong stuffing can be super easy, for puppies and adult dogs.

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66 Comments on “How to Use a Kong Dog Toy – 90% of Behavior Problems Eliminated”

  1. I always passed this toy up due to not wanting my pup playing with what looks like a prolapsed rectum. Finally bought it and it should have been the first toy I purchased. My Sadie loves it too.

    1. Lol same here! My pup is a 7 mos sheepadoodle she likes to chew, including play nipping to get our attention and play. I just now bought one of these yesterday, I waited way to long to get one!

    2. is “a prolapsed rectum” common in your house hold?
      I tried to keep my dog away from “cat like” toys for a while because I didn’t want her to associate cats with toys… so is it?

    3. @N64Guy couldn’t figure out a name for her. Wanted something as purdy as she is. Went to bed thinking of princess vs looking up a pretty name in Hebrew. Woke up and the first thought in my mind was Sadie so I named her that. Later found out Sadie actually means princess, in Hebrew.

  2. For those that are curious, a size small Kong holds about a tablespoon of medium small kibble while the large size holds just under half a cup.

    1. G B Try putting just a modicum of baby food and freeze it. I found my puppy doesn’t yet bite down hard enough to get out anything packed in. The Shape might also might not be his favorite. You might want to try the Orbee Tuff produce collection. I have a pom puppy and he find the raspberry satisfying to chew on.

    2. I never got a Kong bc I thought that if you fill it with peanut butter (or any kind of food) it would get all over the dog’s paws, fur, rug, cushions, etc. Doesn’t that happen??? Who wants a dog smelling like peanut butter all the time bc it’s smeared all over its fur and skin underneath, and then everything else the dog touches???

    3. cyc7lops You do not overstuffed the Kong, so it gets liked out by the dog. No mess. I put a little chicken baby food and crunchy, natural peanut butter (no sugar = less messy), and put them in the freezer.

    1. @Q Thats not really how stereotypes work. They dont exist so you think all of something is the same. They exist to give you enough evidence to make educated decisions and better judgement. If I go into the jungle and get bit by a green snake and another person gets bit by a green snake, and another, and another, I think it means people should stay away from green snakes. Are all green snakes biting people? Probably not but enough are to tell us to stay away from them.

    2. Daniel W That’s not what a stereotype is, that’s a sign to not go there. A stereotype is judgment towards something based off previous interaction with someone in that group, but you could just look up and settle this whole thing like that, but it wouldn’t be as fun.

  3. Seriously, Kong should give these instructions out with the toy. The best thing that my old dog loved was the Kong frisbee, and I loved the fact that it took him 5 years to destroy it!

    1. My thoughts exactly. I couldn’t figure ot how to keep the food in. I thought they made special sized treats for it and was looking everywhere for them so I gave up. This video is a game changer

  4. I stuff my pups kong with dog food pate, I give her it every time I leave her in her crate and I have to go out ! Now she is super excited whenever I get the kong and runs into her crate because she knows she’s going to get her treat haha

    1. @Mr. Scratch yep mine always gets a regular treat too. All I gotta say is “cage” and they bolt over to it excitedly. They have their food/water in it too and they think of it as their “safe space” the key is no matter how mad you are at them never yell/scold them when they’re in their crate.

    2. @Dorothy Atchison we didnt feed her meals in her crate just treat time in the kong when we left. She is the most well behaved dog and she doesnt even use a crate anymore so it did her absolutely no harm…….

  5. Oh god thank you for this! I never wanted toneven consider those pet shop stuffings and googling for tips for stuffing was… scary for just how much time it seemed to take.

    1. With 4 dogs, we have no less than a dozen KONGs in our house for that very reason: In-use, In-freezer, In-wash & a few to spare! If you only have a couple, you will get caught out when using them properly.

  6. I am long overdue in thanking you for this video. My adult Jack Russell fell into a deep, destructive depression when her Lab/Shepherd brother died and started pretty much trashing my house whenever I went to work. Meanwhile, I rescued another dog (a few months later) who was underweight and needed to put on about a pound and a half. I filled a kong for each day of the week, modifying only in that I topped them with PB before freezing and gave one to each of the dogs before leaving for work. It has worked so well! Neither have separation anxiety and the formerly skinny guy is in perfect shape. Thanks!

  7. I have been filling my Kongs for my American Bull Dogs with their own dry food with peanut butter… then freeze it.. yes have 3-4 on hand and rotate.. this has worked for my last 4 American Bull Dogs… they are big and aggressive treat eaters… it calms them down

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