How We’re Training Our New Puppy to BE BRAVE… NO MATTER WHAT!

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21 Comments on “How We’re Training Our New Puppy to BE BRAVE… NO MATTER WHAT!”

  1. I have been watching so many of your and Victoria Stilwell’s videos to work on desensitizing my reactive adult dog. I appreciate the content you provide.

  2. Hi Zak and Bree, I hope your both well, I love you guys and love your videos keep them coming Inertia is so sweet with Veronica I loved how she put a paw on her as if she was cuddling her brilliant video as always ❤

  3. Wow my Aussie needs this, she runs away as fast as possible from anything she’s afraid of. You should have seen her when she saw a horse.

  4. “Fear Periods-Barking At Other Dogs-You Are From Alone”
    Every week your video has amazing & practical advice!
    It’s like you are watching me walk my puppy in Sacramento, CA 🤣

  5. Covid has been super hard trying to get my dog used to the vet – we haven’t been able to go in with our dogs until very recently, and it’s STILL only one person at a time. Only with an appointment, and you have to call before you enter. :/ There’s gonna be a lot of work to do when everything’s fully open with all our scared 2 year old dogs.

  6. I can relate to this – Bree: “you normally pay attention to me, why not now?” I have asked that very same question soooo many times. My dog Brooklyn is a rescue, we’ve had her 5 months and she’s about a year and a half old. Starting from scratch with her as she did not know ANYTHING when we adopted her. Watching the previous different training series’ with older dogs, then with Biscuits and now Veronica is helping me to train Brooklyn even though she’s not a puppy anymore. A little harder to do as she already had some undesirable habits that have been challenging to overcome (think George, Chop and Moira). I really enjoyed Bree taking the lead on this video, I hope it continues. Having both Zak and Bree explaining different parts of the training sessions was nice.🙂 Thanks!!

  7. One technique that has really worked with my pandemic, naturally skittish dachshund-Jack Russell puppy is to “charge up” the word Friend. Once I did this I say it before I see something (usually strangers and bigger dogs, when he’s on leash) and it does seem to catch him before he gets fearful and is more willing to see that thing as a friend, rather than fear

  8. “you want to go check it out and see what it’s like?… It’s just the world” one of the cutest most comforting philosophical quote ever 😀

  9. This is a lovely video. I felt you sold Inertia short though, in those last minutes. What I saw was Veronica reacting to the barking, then seeing Inertia wasn’t bothered, so she felt able to abandon that to go be with Bree. Please don’t underestimate Inertia’s job in teaching Veronica how to be a dog.

  10. Is there a way to teach a dog that something is optional, like teaching them the word “cuddle”, while also letting them know that it is acceptable for them to choose not to cuddle if they don’t feel like it?

  11. Hey Bree, I am really enjoying you being so involved in this video. You’re a breath of fresh air. I hope you will continue this trend for awhile. By the way who makes Veronicas turquoise harness. It looked like rough wear or kurgo but I can’t tell. Would you please let me know, I love that harness. Thank you guys for a really nice video, very enjoyable.

  12. Where did you get the light for the harness/collar? At midnight last night, my 2-year-old decided she needed to bark vociferously at a kid’s car left out in the neighbor’s yard. I love how you and Bree are partnering in the training and videos. You make a great team!

  13. Excellent, excellent video! Thank you for this. it’s good to see how you deal with a puppy not interested in training. This entire video is full of valuable information. Thanks to both of you!

  14. When our dog was a puppy we played youtube clips of thunderstorms and fireworks while playing with him and while he was in his crate sleeping. We gradually increased the sound until it was quite loud. Worked a charm and he’s now 18 months old and has zero fear of either. Veronica is adorable!

  15. my puppy is so weird. storms and fireworks don’t bother her, she has no issues with random noises or people or dogs, she was just already so socialized when we got her??? she adored the vet too which was insane! it’s one of her favorite places. idk who socialized her but i wanna thank them so much 😭

  16. I recommend my clients who have puppies in the early socialization time to take them (in the cart) into your local box hardware store, CVS, Target so they can see/hear tons of things without being on the ground. Lots of great noises, things and people to see. I have them set up a blanket or towel in the bottom of the cart so they are comfy. If the pup is super young, carrying them in a baby bundler or the like can give them that life experience without danger of Parvo too. Great fun.

  17. I loved this episode. We adopted a dog in 2020; she was victim to abuse and backyard breeding. She’s very fearful so she barks at everything. I want to socialize her more but idk if that fearful barking will ever really change. Plus, much of the time I feel lost on how to help her overcome her fears so that the behavior will change.

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