How We’re Training the FIRST 3 Things to OUR NEW PUPPY

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20 Comments on “How We’re Training the FIRST 3 Things to OUR NEW PUPPY”

  1. Love Veronica learning loads as usual. Thanks Zak and Brie. Keep up the good work! Just so you know we have a specialist helping us a bit with Sandy. Positive Reinforcement of course. She said if I hadn’t done what I had with him so far it would have been a very different story! So that’s thanks to you!! You have saved and changed another dog !! 🐕 😀😃🙂 xx

  2. It just hits different knowing you’re keeping this one! Even more exciting. Veronica and my Olive would be little bffs for sure!

  3. Thanks for these extremely educational videos.🙂

    Veronica is so darn cute and smart and Inertia is such a sweet and good big sister ❤

  4. She is doing a great job and it’s very cool to see her training 😄 inertia and veronica of course are the stars ! You make a great team ❤️

  5. Hi Zak, I am noticing I accidentally trained my dogs to not growl when uncomfortable. I am learning how to properly train them and I made this beginner mistake over a year ago. I got another dog and the older dog trained the little one to start doing the same. Can you make a video to fix this and get them to again growl when uncomfortable rather than snap their bite?
    Thank you 🙏🏽

  6. That Star Wars ad was so fun!! And Inertia playing dead to get treats was hilarious! This is so helpful as my husband and I are looking into getting a second dog now that our first is a couple years old. I used your videos for our first and was curious how to train a new dog when I already have one in the house. Thank you for all your hard work!

  7. “Scents in the wind” & “Lawn People”- Fantastic training tips for these 2 issues!
    My poor 7 month old “Baby Shark” 😄 puppy has been a victim of my uninformed training!
    HUGE Thanks for another great video! 🐾💞 to Inertia & Veronica

  8. Veronica is a delight. She is bright. Even though she is really high energy her intelligence enables her to focus. I think having Inertia will be a wonderful bonding friendship for life. I am excited to see how she progresses. Thanks for being such great teachers.

  9. I love Veronica! Sporty dog extraordinaire. Her spazing out followed by perfect impulse control reminds me a lot of a working cocker spaniel!

  10. I wish that you would open a dog rescue and rehabilitate “at risk” dogs for new homes. It’s be so great for the community and honestly I can’t imagine anyone better or more fitting for the task! Wonder if this is your life changing endeavour!!

  11. I always find it interesting and cute that puppies will always be on their absolute best behavior their first day or three. Then comes all the nipping and barking and zoomies and general quirkiness… it’s like they realize “these are my humans now and they’re stuck with me so I can show my true crazy and silliness and there’s nothing they can do about it.”

  12. Zak George, the only person to survive a light saber to the face. If those were storm troopers,hiding behind a rock wasn’t needed because you wouldn’t have been hit anyway. 😂😂😂

  13. I love how Bree is becoming more involved in front of the camera and with the dog training! Also, the star wars ad in the beginning was amazing

  14. Hi Zak, absolutely love little Veronica!! I’ve literally been watching since the start and you’ve helped me so much with training my dog, Skye! I was just wondering if you have any idea what sort of breed Veronica is, and if not would you do a DNA test?? X

  15. Zak, these videos just make my day. And that Star Wars ad was a huge hit. Got me laughing hard.. I can hardly wait for the rest of Veronica episodes to be on YouTube

  16. I can’t wait to see what her DNA says. She sounds like my Lhasa Apso when she barks. She even have the crazy behind the ear hairs like him. Maybe Veronica is part Lhasa!

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