30 Comments on “How would your dog react to this?? This is SO EASY and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Give it a try!!”

    1. @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution Zak King Mateo 22 is nuts. Please block him i so angry when he calls you nuts
      LOVE YOU

  1. Fantastic tip! We do this with Mr. Panda and it definitely works, he likes softly biting the brush and licking the toothpaste, it works! ❤️Mr.🐼

  2. hey i want to get a puppy but I’m going to be at school most of the time, and someone will be home all day but I’m scared the puppy will get attached to the person at home instead of me, what should I do?

  3. I attempted this before with my 9 week old puppy. She took one bite down on the dog toothbrush and bit it clean in half. I will have to try the finger toothbrush and see how she likes it.

  4. Definitely for kibble-fed puppies/dogs. Raw meat diet, while increasingly expensive, has my 2 Siberians in their 5th year with teeth that look perfectly clean. No brushing! Just bone crunching.

    1. @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
      I adopted my puppy from a shelter a mile away… How will you spay her? You bring her to the shelter in Mexico or you bring her to vet?

  5. My now 18 week old puppy LOVES getting his teeth brushed…we started the 1st day I brought him home (actually his breeder started playing with his mouth/ teeth as part of the Puppy Culture program) and he really started enjoying it after a few weeks- then I brought out the electric sonic toothbrush and after a minute of confusion, he has loved it- I just turn it on and he comes running to me and puts it in his mouth and its so cute, which is good because he is a small dog and they are prone to issues with their teeth,….this is great advice!

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