I Adopted a Dog I’ve Never Met. FIRST 24 HOURS with OUR TOTALLY UNTRAINED PUPPY!!

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22 Comments on “I Adopted a Dog I’ve Never Met. FIRST 24 HOURS with OUR TOTALLY UNTRAINED PUPPY!!”

  1. She’s adorable!!! I needed this today, my family is planning on adopting a dog soon, so this series is perfect and right on time!

  2. Veronica is sooo beautiful and so smart! I’m so exciting to see what comes next for you guys. Thanks you for taking us on your journey.

  3. Adorable baby girl with a beautiful name. 🥰 Looking forward to watching her grow up in this exciting new series. 😊 Congrats on the new addition, Zak, Bree, and Inertia. 🤗

  4. Aww she’s so beautiful I love her colouring and coat type! I’m not amazing at identifying dog breeds (especially in mixed breeds) but to me she looks like she may have some terrier, saluki maybe even a bit of collie in her. Looking forward to seeing what mix she is, Inertia is such a good girl the first interaction seemed to go well, and I love how even though it was excited to meet a new puppy she still listened and responded to the commands you gave her, really shows how well you trained her. No doubt this new addition will turn out just as smart and well behaved 💕

  5. Congratulations, she’s adorable! I like how you’ve taught Inertia to back up and lay down to give Veronica space. I’m going to start implementing that in my training with my dog. I always learn something new from your vids. Thanks and good luck!

  6. Exciting stuff. Welcome home Veronica. I liked how at 23:13 she was offered “everything the light touches”, yet seemed only interested in Bree. Despite being mildly apprehensive about all the life changes, she seems quite keen on her humans already. Very sweet.

  7. I’m already going to predict that Veronica is part whippet. She has the most beautiful haunches and back legs. 😃 And that TAIL at 7:53! 😍😍😍😍😍😄❤️ Congrats guys!!

  8. I AM SO EXCITED! Welcome, Veronica! What a kind and respectful girl Inertia is too (but we already knew that!) And the way Bree’s eyes light up when she sees Veronica is precious! Can’t wait to follow along on this journey! Love you guys! 💜

  9. She’s so cute! I adopted a dog from a shelter in Puerto Rico, was also born in the street, also brought to me in New York City. She’s perfect! First two weeks I was “newborn” exhausted though she’s 11 months. Can’t wait to watch your new journey!

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