I trained this dog to STOP PULLING on leash and he JUMPED OFF OF MY BALCONY

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31 Comments on “I trained this dog to STOP PULLING on leash and he JUMPED OFF OF MY BALCONY”

  1. Thanks again Zak for sharing this scary but real life experience, we all learn so much from you so this will benefit so many dog owners 🐶🐾❤️🐼

  2. Finally! the episode that drew most of us in! Fitting that this is airing on Halloween.🤣
    Great to see how trained Interia has become from this point in her series.

  3. I just had to pause the video. Come on people that was the funniest comment Zack has ever made. His wife says I could get eaten by a bear and she’s being all serious and kind of scared and Zack goes we could get a lot of subscribers from that. I mean come on people that’s some funny funny stuff right there!

  4. Chop reactivity to other dogs is exactly what I’m going through with my 9 month old lab. He adjusted to people walking around us quickly, but when dogs are around, I can’t seem to get far enough away to train with him. The other dogs have to be completely out of sight and scent. Looking forward to seeing you tackle this!

  5. I’m so glad Chop’s okay! I can’t imagine how difficult that was for you! Thank you for sharing these moments with us so that we can learn and be aware. It also helps to know that you make mistakes sometimes too because I definitely make mistakes. Thanks for all you do and all you share! 💜

  6. Amazing dog, so glad he didn’t get hurt. Things can happen quickly and no matter how hard you try, accidents happen. What a shame Chop won’t be able to be out on your deck alone anymore. Sure wish we could get our almost 1 yr. old yellow lab to heal like Inertia. We’ll keep trying until he gets it right. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Bree, I so understand you feelings about Indy and your tears. You had me crying, too. I know exactly what it’s like to lose a dog you love more than life itself. Glad Chop is okay after his skydiving experiment. Question for Zak–do you play with Chop and get out some extra energy like you did with George before training? If not, why not?

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. Letting your dog and best friend go when it’s time is the hardest thing and it leaves a void that can never be filled but Indie left all those good memories behind, that will last forever.
    I’m glad Chop is ok. No matter how mindful we are, things like that can happen, don’t feel bad!

  9. Dear Zak,
    A strange man has taken over your channel. He wears glasses and boring shoes. I think he’s a decent dog trainer, though, so maybe you could do a collaboration once you’ve got your channel back?

  10. She was going on about all the animals that are out there, wolves, coyotes, bears, wolverines, porcupines… I was just waiting for her to say oH My! (Wizard of Oz) lol

  11. So, all this build-up of him jumping off the balcony, the constant reminder of bears and other predators and always Brie crying in this context, boils down to: “Yeah, he jumped into the fenced area and nothing happend. Oh and Brie crying was actually because of Indy, not because something happend to Chop. We just tried to milk this thing as much as we could.”

    Why? YOU DON’T NEED THIS! You make awesome content, stuff like this is just so unnecessary! Look, I’m really glad Chop is OK, but stuff like this really pisses me off. 🙁

    1. We are always trying new formats to see how we can get people enthused about watching dog training videos. Good feedback.

    2. I agree that the excessive repeating of those previews was a bit clickbaity and somewhat lowers the quality of the content, which is otherwise top-notch.

      I understand that getting more views is very important for channel growth, but in the end it’s probably better to employ tactics for the long term rather than for the short term.

      While I’m naturally very interested in watching a wild street dog be trained from the ground up by Zak, too much repetition of clickbaity milking previews will start to give me the impression that this channel could be more about fluff than actual content.

      Businesses that focus on the long term and actual value being provided always succeed the most, so a crazy fast rate of growth in views probably shouldn’t be prioritized over everything else.

  12. Hard to break dogs from climbing fences. I had a Dalmatian that would wait until everyone left for work then jump up onto a 6ft fence and walk it all the way to the front of the house. At that point she would jump down, then go visit neighbors. We would always find her laying on the front porch when we got home. I discovered what she was doing by fake leaving one day. I started my car, turned it off and just sat and waited. When she got to the end of the fence preparing to jump down, she looked up and we locked eyes. The look in her eyes was priceless. She knew she was busted. Dogs are very smart.

    1. We had to put up a hot wire for our catahoula. She was determined to be free. My husband has one for his heeler mix because he digs under the fence and as soon as he gets loose he forgets he even has a name. Recall is non existent. We’ve had him almost 7 years and have managed to train him to kennel inside. His sit depends if he wants to.

  13. As someone currently studying positive dog training. I love how you show, “the dog did this which means this so I should change my strategy to this” or “the dog did this which we don’t like, so I need to do more of this to better show him what to do” Not every dog trainer that is mainly online (that I know of) shows that or the failures and trials. Only the stuff that was done perfectly. So I really admire that side of your show and hope to do the same when I get out there in the field with other dogs.

  14. Glad he’s okay. Now can we finish out the series without dramatic, click bait non-sense? This is a dog training video, it’s totally okay to title a video “day 3, he still pulls” etc.

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