I’m about to have a meltdown. [Reality Dog Training EP 14]

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22 Comments on “I’m about to have a meltdown. [Reality Dog Training EP 14]”

  1. It’s really impressive how responsive George is to your ‘no’ and ‘leave it alone’ commands, I know you ideally want him to be listening to you in the first instance but I remember the episode where you first introduced him to that concept and now he’s even listening to that command from you when it comes to his absolute favourite thing in the entire world, his ball!

  2. This is my favorite episode of training with George. Bully breeds can be so intense and seeing you break down different ways of addressing that and working through it is so valuable. Thank you!

  3. I’m currently training a 3-month-old Belgian Malinois puppy who already has the most powerful focus I’ve ever seen. Still finding ways to get her to focus the “right things”, like Mom and Dad. Fortunately, she is very food-driven and I have had some success with certain treats.

  4. Wooo you are being challenged hehe. I have had a similar issue with a newfoundland who could not resist carrying the adopted hedgehog with one amputated leg around. Ronja (her name) was a search and rescue dog. It ended with “wanna go see hedgy?” became a great enforced during training.. It made me wonder about dog’s ability to delay a reward or strategizing for future rewards. Lots to be learned. Cheers from Denmark.

  5. I love that at 2:29 as you’re bouncing the baseball & talking about his love of it, George comes trotting around the corner like he’s been summoned 😂⚾️💚🖤💚

  6. I have a 3 month old Alaskan Klee Kai and I’ve been using these videos to train him. People come up to me all the time (mainly because he’s so cute) but also because he’s so well-behaved!
    Thank you Zak George!

  7. I recognize the face of an almost meltdown during training. That was me with my dog’s first screen saver training (I was asking too much, too soon).

  8. Wow this episode showed that George has a mind of steel! Even though his fixation with the baseball is sooo intense that he stops when you say, “No”! He definitely is toy driven and he wants that ball but he still listens to you! Another fantastic episode watching him restrain himself when the baseball is presented in fron of him. Also, awatching him jump the hurdlew was super fun! Thank You for another wonderful episode!

  9. I think someone played with George with a baseball when he was a puppy . He seems to have been animated to play with it with the same words that are now meaning he should not run to that ball . It is very sad that no one can know what he has learned already , before he went to the shelter . 🙁 But a really great success , congrats and thumbs up !

  10. After this series is done, Zak can you please post a vid featuring Inertia? The updates on other socials are great but a longer video would be exciting!

  11. I really appreciate this series. It’s one thing to read a book with advice in it or a video that has things going smoothly and edited to show you consistent progress, but I think this video in particular does a great job of capturing how important the roles of patience, persistence, determination and consistency are in dog training. Nothing happens overnight, and seeing Zac meet George where he’s at and put in whatever is required to get him to where he needs to be is very inspiring. It reminds us that dog training is sometimes frustrating, and that’s okay

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