Introducing Leash Pressure | Puppy Training | Canine Performance Coach

Natalie explains and demonstrates active and passive pressure with a 5 month old puppy.

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24 Comments on “Introducing Leash Pressure | Puppy Training | Canine Performance Coach”

    1. @Jozef Durina a prong collar is a tool, if used badly/incorrectly it can harm a dog, but so can a flat collar. As Natalie stated, do not use one unless you get herm sprenger as others have a high chance of injuring your dog.

      This tool is good to teach a dog to not pull and injure their neck like they can if a flat collar is used. No need to demonize something that simply provides more clear communication between owners and dogs that some need.
      Anyone who knows how to use them also knows there are other methods (front attaching harness) and often have tried them and found it wasn’t enough. Prong collars are a good solution to certain problems.

    2. @Jozef Durina as do I, but please do not claim it shouldn’t be used at all, when there are many situations for dog lovers where it can be extremely valuable.
      You have a good weekend too.

  1. Hi Natalie, I love your channel and the way you explain things is so clear ❤️ the system you are using sounds a bit like Michael Ellis and Leerburg, is that correct?

  2. It’s stating the obvious that such collars will be misused by some people. To use such a device on a puppy I cannot go along with, it’s unnecessary. In a perfect world this device may have an application but it’s potential to be misused and cause injury to the animal simply isn’t worth the risk.

    1. Of course…..a cell phone or pencil can kill as well and be used as a weapon!…we are not in a perfect world, people are ignorant….however….why don’t you be part of educating the public on the value of a proper tool and a well timed ethical correction for dogs who NEED it for safety!! I dont recommend a prong/tool until 6 months and NEVER correct until a behavior is known! The prong is safer then most collars including the flat and martengale….knowledge is power…gain some knowledge on proper use of tools! There is a “potential” for everything under the sun which is why we use tools when needed….to save lives, prevent injury/death….If we didnt have to we wooulldnt use them….many “hard” and/or working dogs need them to succeed….think wolves, not fur baby!

    2. @Kingdom K9 Training Academy, ABC that are some very extreme examples you are stating there. This is a 5 month puppy who doesn’t even know leash pressure. Why would you jump to using this tool. Who does only start training this when they are already that old? There are more obvious problems here to be adressed.

    3. @Creating Ids Sucks I understand your position and thought that way as well 100 dogs ago or so….things get extreme in a hurry, i’ve seen it well over a dozen times, in person…calm to kill mode and I was NOT handling one of the dogs! Some intense/hard dogs with a serious prey/play drive and selectively bred for 20 years or longer to kill or find something (not saying this one is or was), like my dog (police K9 breeder for past 22 years, 6/9 of the last litter where my dog is from are in police training school as we speak throughout new england and one in ohio) require this and 5-6 months depending on what they KNOW and the breed/temperament/how they handle corrections/punishment, there history, etc…this tool is much safer then a flat collar or anything else out there for a real intense dog and breed with the traits/characteristics I speak about. Some dogs drive, the leash pressure does not interrupt there “prey”/”play”mode…there “hard” as nails…this tool has saved thousands of lives. Behavior dictates EVERYTHING in the dog world, it must be kept in check and with some dogs its almost constant, like a fricken coyote, like mine in prey mode, out in the real world (in combat in there mind) and a mostly angel in my home, see my videos…some dogs, like mine, require this tool…even the prong collar when shes pulling doesn’t effect her hardly and she fully understands leash pressure (she just pushes through, its her, its her DNA…and “pops” help keep her in check, looking back, listening, in “pack mode” her role)….If you would like, come walk my dog with a flat collar or any collar you choose….she wouldn’t let you put a collar on her most likely, she will wrestle you for coming at her, playfully but rough…i highly doubt she would listen to anything you would say but id bet you $100, like I have with 2 of my friends (hahaha) you could not walk my dog without a prong collar safely and in control and/or turn off her prey drive once I release her to be herself. Serious dogs require serious accountability…for your, my and my dogs and communities well being. Ive seen too many euthanized dogs and ran over dogs because “tools” were never implemented properly and timely. What do you think they do with dogs at shelters that pull on the leash and react because they are real dogs and have a drive?? They are killed when all was needed was a tool to help them stay in control of there genetics/drive. Sorry for the long response people but this is reality and tools MUST be used more….when necessary! Give it time is bullshit, like humans, dogs rarely grow out of behaviors.

  3. So, I have an eight to nine wk old GSD girl. She pulls on the leash, how to remedy? I try to give her slack on the line and tell her NO when pulling and YES when she isn’t.

    1. Just before dog gets to end of leash turn abruptly the other way (this will self-correct the dog) and GO…dont look or talk just go, repeat!! Teach leash pressure…most GSD need a tool (prong)…do intro inside for 5 minutes leash pressure, etc…..Also….teach “heel” inside through luring with its kibble and shaping into proper heel position, mark it (yes, good heel)…REWARD…within a second!!

  4. I thought in one of your other videos (Teaching a Doodle to stop pulling) you said the plate on the prong collar was a trachea protector or shield? But here you put it to the side.

    1. The plate isn’t actually meant to protect the trachea. Even though it can, it actually balances the pressure for the prong to work properly. The design of the Herm Sprenger is meant to be the most effective version of the prong.

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