Is this the Dumbest Decision I’ve Made as a YouTube Dog Trainer? EPISODE 1 of MY NEW LIFE.

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30 Comments on “Is this the Dumbest Decision I’ve Made as a YouTube Dog Trainer? EPISODE 1 of MY NEW LIFE.”

  1. This is either the worst or the best decision I’ve made as a YouTube dog trainer.. What do you think?

    1. @Melissa Hintz don’t be negative… everyone lives their lives even on vacation. Seriously, if not for a cross country roadtrip with the pups then certainly for smaller weekend getaways. Why would you attempt at alighting zach and family? That’s just rude. What if you were asked about how much money you had in the bank?

    2. @miltonkchambers you know, ever since I was like 7 or maybe 8 my folks would make August our getaway time of year to head up north to the Oregon coast and we would usually meet up with a couple of family friends for our journey. I believe we took our German shorthair pup with us for maybe a dozen times and then we started leaving him with my grandmother to watch the house. But family vacations have been a important part of human life. Because of bringing our gorgeous pup on our family trips we got so many opportunities to meet new friends along the way.

    3. @Bojambo totally, all of the headaches of traveling with two small fur children in such a tiny space… we never got to do the RV thing but it looks like it was more fun than not.

    4. I’ve been full-time in my travel trailer for 1.5 years and got a pup last September. Definitely not a mistake. If your dogs are anything like my Australian Shepherd, it’s going to be amazing! Feel free to ask me any questions if you get overwhelmed or just want suggestions to make life on the road easier.

  2. My gosh, those frisbee catches are so exciting! My girl just turned one and this summer, reintroducing it from her puppy days, has been so exciting. She really has enjoyed it, and we enjoy it as much as her. I totally understand your love for frisbee.

  3. I think this trip was definitely not a bad idea! It will play a huge role in Veronica’s socialization aswell as giving plenty of opportuinites for Inirtia’s obedience training to flourish in brand new, fresh environments.

  4. I love this adventure! And we get to come along with you. The girls are doing so great 😀. Look forward to seeing your next stop. Thanks for sharing your wonderful time with us

  5. I love your Veronica series so far, and love to see you helping shelter dogs find homes as you have done with Chop, Biscuits, etc. I want to keep seeing them!

    I do love this roadtrip series so far. I think day to day life and handling things that just come up is the most valuable content you can find. It’s one thing to learn how to teach sit, and another thing to learn how to handle a puppy barking in in your RV at something out of the window! Road trips are so fun, and can be very overwhelming to take on, let alone with a puppy. Very unique situation sir, it is going to be fun to watch.

  6. Bree is a bad a$& chick, she’ll be fine 😉 😃
    So just follow her lead Zack. You got this. I was actually really excited to see your newer Facebook stories, knowing how many new experiences and personal growth that this will open up for you all as a family including the dogs.

  7. This is the BEST decision you’ll ever make! Mostly traveling is the best no matter what but this will open up a lot of new ways you can go with your videos too. Have the BEST time. 🙂 (I also follow you on TT. ❤)

  8. Advice for learning to drive with a trailer. When backing up, put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel. That way if you want the trailer to go to the left then your hand moves to the left and vice versa for moving it to the right.

  9. This is what I wanted to see how to camp with a dog! Wasn’t sure if it was fair to the dog, I have a large dog but I think two dogs will equal my dog. Haha. Thanks for this video.

  10. I’m very interested in how you get Veronica’s barking under control and tips on crating her/them too! Good start of the series 🙂 keep it up

  11. I am excited to see this series. I’ve seen some trainers and owners talk about the hardships of traveling via RV/Van life so I think that having some sort of baseline for training will be exciting as so many are switching to living a life on the road!

  12. Great content. So interesting to see you traveling in the RV and all the exciting and stressful adventures you’ll have. I always love real life stuff. I’m enjoying watching Bree grow as a trainer even in this most challenging situation.

  13. After reading another comment, I have to agree: watching Bre become a great trainer is partly what is making the Veronica adventure so appealing. Yes, you do work well together! And I love that you keep your language completely clean and inoffensive! Thank you!

    1. Hear! Hear! Clean and inoffensive is SOOOOOO nice and greatly appreciated. 🙂 Also, I really appreciate that you do not say “Oh my God”. It is a shame that God’s Name is dragged into all kinds of situations when people are not thinking of Him at all. I don’t know how conscious the decision is for you to not use His Name in vain, but I definitely want to compliment you for this AND make sure you receive feedback on that specific aspect of your work/life. Really enjoyed the first episode of this series! Frisbee with 2 dogs…. Yay!! 🦮🦡 (yes, I know that’s actually a badger, but it kind of resembles Inertia 😁)

  14. The key to backing a trailer is to draw an imaginary line on the ground that you want the (inside of the turn) trailer tires to follow. Then just focus on the line and whether the tires are on it. It’s easier if you use your side mirror. Practice in a large lot so you don’t have to worry about the front of the truck. Then work into tighter conditions. Good luck!

    1. This is such a good idea! I can still remember my dad backing the trailer up, and my mom standing outside his driver side window waving her arms like crazy & yelling “turn to the right, no THE OTHER RIGHT”!

  15. I’m liking this format and I’m interested in how the dogs do with the traveling. I suspect that both of them will do great. Can’t wait to see how you correct the barking issues.

    1. You know, I remember with our German shorthair pup it was a learning curve for maybe the first 2 hours and then it became pretty natural.

  16. I personally prefer the traditional series – I like watching the progression in a home because it’s more similar to our set-ups, but that’s not to say this isn’t fun for a one-off series. I would like to see you work on STAY with Veronica.

  17. Yes I absolutely debrief the day with my dogs. The highs and lows. Lol but Zak’s excitement for the frisbee catch takes the cake. So funny.

  18. Your technique for training dogs not to rush out the door has been the best thing I’ve learned from you! Daisy May, my mini-schnauzer is now 3 years old, and she still does well with that! Thank you!

  19. This is actually such a good idea. I feel like so many people want to take there dogs with them travelling but the inner workings are a bit freaky for most.

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